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In Order To Take Down The Deep State, We Must Collaborate Across Ideological Lines

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The most important division right now is between the pro-deep state, and the anti-deep state.

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These two country Trumpster women are much, much smarter than every single one of your liberal friends, and have infinitely more journalistic integrity than any millionaire newscaster on television:

I found the above video while doing research for my last piece about the Bana Alabed psy-op, and these lovely deplorables had some solid sources that I didn’t even know existed on the subject. I consider myself a well-trained and competent independent journalist, but I will openly concede that if I had all week I could not put together a better video than the one these two moms shot in their living room with a laptop and a TV, probably in some deep-red part of the country that none of my lefty American friends have ever been to. Their video is better, more thorough, more insightful and more interesting than any anti-establishment commentary I’ve seen about the Bana Alabed scam (including my own), and, despite having been out nearly three weeks, as of this writing it doesn’t even have two thousand views. Most of their videos only have a few hundred.

In this article I’m going to try and encourage you, dear reader, to subscribe to their channel and share around any videos they’ve made that you enjoy. My heavily left-leaning readership will not likely enjoy much of what they have to say — they are very much on the political right, so they’ve got anti-Islam stuff there that makes me queasy, praise for Milo Yiannopoulos, and opposition to socialist programs. But they are also rational independent anti-establishment thinkers: they criticized Trump’s Syria strikes, they’ve talked about how Fox News is part of the corrupt mainstream media, they’ve decried the psychotic McCarthyism and warmongering of the neocons, and, most importantly, they are crystal clear that the real political divide is between America’s unelected power establishment and those who oppose it.

Check out the video I posted. At the 16-minute mark the Resistance Chicks (and I applaud their co-opting of the word “resistance”) begin heaping praise on Tulsi Gabbard for standing up to the deep state on Syria, saying it doesn’t matter that she’s a Democrat, noting that there are plenty of Republicans who are in the pocket of the globalists.

“There is only one party, and that is the deep state party that is evil,” one of the sisters says, “and then there’s everybody else that is scrambling to bring justice and truth back to our democratic republic. And she [Gabbard] is it. And so that’s how Resistance Chicks can come together and support her, because she’s trying to get the truth out there. Whether she’s a Democrat doesn’t matter. Whether you’re a Republican, John McCain proves that it doesn’t matter, do you understand what I’m saying? There is only one deep state. It’s not that all Democrats are deep state. She proves it.”

They get it. They truly, fully get it. And, unlike many on the anti-establishment left, they’re ready, willing and able to reach across the aisle and start collaborating with us right here and now for the greater good against the true enemy that’s choking us all to death. They’re drumming up support for a solid Berniecrat whose culture is very different from theirs and whose politics they largely disagree with, because they recognize that as long as there’s an unelected power establishment in America, none of those differences matter.

As we’ve discussed before, the term “deep state” is not a conspiracy theory but a basic concept in political analysis. It simply refers to the self-evident and undeniable fact that there are people in power within America who were not elected (primarily the plutocrats, corporate media, intelligence community and military-industrial complex), and that those people tend to form alliances and collaborate toward agendas that benefit them. When you look at the insane amount of media manipulation going on in the Bana Alabed psy-op, for example (friendly reminder that the US government legalized the use of psy-ops on its own citizens in 2013), I don’t see how you could possibly deny that CNN is actively participating in a propaganda campaign to manipulate the American people into consenting to regime change in Syria, a nation whose location makes it strategically significant in the fossil fuel wars. Remember, this is a government with an extensive history of using lies, propaganda and false flags to manufacture consent for insane acts of military aggression. With Vietnam it was the fake Gulf of Tonkin incident. With the Gulf War it was the false Nayirah testimony which convinced Americans that Iraqi soldiers were killing hundreds of premature babies in a Kuwait hospital by removing them from their incubators. With the Iraq invasion it was the weapons of mass destruction lie and thedeliberate psy-op by the corporate media to marry the ideas of “Saddam Hussein” and “9/11” in the minds of their viewers, which was so successful that six months after the invasion 70 percent of Americans still believed that Saddam was responsible for the September 11th attacks.

So this isn’t something we’re imagining. It’s real. And as long as that’s happening, as long as these monsters are doing everything they can to keep the American people from voting and collaborating in their own interests, it makes no sense to bicker about who has the better healthcare plan or whose foreign policy makes more sense, because we know that there’s a group of powerful elites fighting any effort that might be made to turn the nation away from the corporatist ecocidal and omnicidal trajectory that they’ve got it on. So the only sane thing to do right now is to focus on opposing the deep state and its propaganda campaigns at every turn, and we can do that a lot more efficiently if we come out of our little political bubbles and start collaborating toward that end.

recent Politico article reports that the overwhelming majority of American journalists now live in counties that not only voted for Clinton, but voted for her in a landslide. As the author of the piece puts it, “If you’re a working journalist, odds aren’t just that you work in a pro-Clinton county — odds are that you reside in one of the nation’s most pro-Clinton counties.” This has created a “media bubble” effect, where the producers and consumers of liberal media are predominantly concentrated in tight, narrow blue zones in the country, which can create a blinding echo-chamber effect which explains why the inhabitants of those narrow blue zones were so shocked when Trump won.

The Resistance Chicks sit far outside that media bubble, which is a big part of why I love them so much. You may be sure that they neither work nor live in deep Clinton territory, and that they aren’t constantly marinating in corporate liberal media; they’re commenting on America as they see it from where they’re at, completely untainted by the crushing conformity machine that mainstream journalists are put through.

As an Aussie I’m a bit less tuned-in to America’s cultural divides than my American husband is, so while I was engrossed in their video doing research for my previous article he came in asking who were those “genius rednecks” I was listening to. He’s from San Francisco, smack dab in the middle of the blue bubble with all the prejudices that come with it, and he said it was surreal for him to see two women looking the way they look and talking the way they talk while finding them so impressive and agreeing with them so furiously. When I saw this it made me wonder if maybe that prejudice is fairly common in America, and if the dismissiveness which such prejudice causes could likely explain why these two talented citizen journalists haven’t been receiving the attention that they deserve. People have been conditioned to expect the voice of truth to sound a certain way, thus bubbling themselves away from a massive chunk of the population that could have a lot to offer them.

“These bubbles represent the 150 counties with the most newspaper and internet publishing jobs.” — Politico

Look at that map. There’s a lot of red on that map. There are a lot of people in those red places. People with ideas. People with resources and brainpower. People with internet access. People with the ability to network and collaborate. Every day I encounter progressives — real, anti-establishment progressives, not just the “hold my chai latte while I retweet Louise Mensch” kind — who still firmly believe that Trump voters are a bunch of racist idiots who could never bring anything useful to the table. The people who say this are wrong, and they are foolish.

We do not have the luxury of rejecting potential allies against the deep state in this battle. We do not have the numbers. We don’t live in some fantasy world where America’s oligarchs will just sit back and let the American people vote for universal healthcare, sane environmental policy and a living minimum wage. They currently have both the Democratic party loyalists and the political right fighting us on that front, and it’s all held together by mass media propaganda. If we can use our unprecedented ability to network and collaborate to win the media war and pry the talons of the oligarchy away from power, then, and only then, will the left and the right have the ability to engage in a meaningful ideological battle. Until then, we’re just distracting each other from the fact that the mass media is controlling the way most Americans think and vote, the fact that legalized corporate bribery dictates what legislation gets passed on Capitol Hill, and the fact thatAmerica’s electoral security is ranked dead last among western democracies.

So far I’ve been talking here about collaborating with the political right, but really progressives have been failing to collaborate against the deep state among their own ranks as well. Some people from TYT endorsed Hillary after the primary. Bernie is a sheep dog. Tulsi Gabbard isn’t far enough to the left on some issues. Jill Stein said something weird about GMOs. Are you fucking kidding me?? Guys, we don’t even have the luxury of refusing to collaborate with the libertarians and Trumpsters against the deep state, much less the anti-establishment lefties who aren’t on our exact wavelength on every single issue. If they’re doing something that helps extinguish the fire in any part of the burning house, we should be bigging that up and helping them, not tearing them down. This doesn’t mean we have to agree with the Trumpsters about Muslims or with Bernie about Russia, it just means that any blow struck against America’s unelected power establishment is a good thing that should be cheered on.

So let’s make this happen. The reason I’m encouraging you all to take a look at what the Resistance Chicks are doing and share them around is because I’ve been hearing some faint, mumbled recognition among our ranks that collaboration is necessary across ideological boundaries, but there’s been very little movement on that front as yet. Take the first step. Make the first move. Extend the first olive branch. I know they can be intimidating and heavily-armed, but just do it. The Resistance Chicks are a perfect place to start because (A) they’re in perfect alignment with us on the deep state, (B) they’re really great and it would be beneficial for them to get more circulation, (C) they’re saying they’re willing to work across partisan/tribal lines, and (D) most importantly, they’re very ideologically different from us, so we’ll really be exercising new muscle groups here and venturing into uncomfortable territory. Let’s break down that barrier of discomfort in order to collaborate towards the greater good, please.

Don’t let the manipulators divide us.

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