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The Democrats Will Get Us All Nuked Before They’ll Admit They Robbed Us Of President Sanders

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Dems are beating the drums for a new Cold War louder than ever now, and we all know the real reason they’re doing it.

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there is no proof of collusion between Trump and Russia to win the 2016 election, and there never will be. If such proof existed, the intelligence community’s mass surveillance network would have found it and leaked it to the Washington Post months ago. If Russia wanted to tilt the election in Trump’s favor they wouldn’t have to coordinate with Trump in order to do so; basic common sense says that there is no reason for such a thing to have happened. Combine all this with the fact that we have still to this day been shown not one shred of proof of Russians hacking Democratic party emails, the revelation that the CIA had been actively cultivating the ability to forge signs of Russian cyber intrusions, and the fact that the validity of a crucial part of the CrowdStrike report on the alleged Russian hacking has been cast into serious doubt, and there is no reason at all for the Democratic party to be constantly babbling about Russia.

But babble they will, and babble they must, with all the effort and intensity of a drowning man struggling to reach the air. The implications behind what the elites of their party have inflicted upon the American people are far too damning for them to do otherwise; there is now a climate-killing, military industrial complex crony corporatist in the White House because of what these people chose to do in the last election cycle, and the survival of their establishment depends upon people not looking at this blatant fact. Despite being shown every reason to believe that Bernie Sanders was the man to beat Trump, the DNC violated the Impartiality Clause of their own Charter (a promise they’d made to the American people to prevent a DemExit after the 1968 fiasco in Chicago) by colluding against Sanders, while the same Democratic officials yammering about Russia endorsed his unelectable opponent, and the same establishment press that keeps popularizing the Russia narrative caused a campaign-crippling media blackout where they deliberately choked off information about Sanders from the American public.

These actions are unforgivable. What the Democratic establishment inflicted upon the American people is simply unforgivable. If the Democratic primary process had happened the way the American people were promised it would happen, Bernard Sanders, the single most popular politician in America, would be President of the United States right now. The same Democratic party loyalists who voted for Clinton would have voted for Sanders over Trump, the Bernie-or-Busters who refused to support Clinton would have voted for Sanders over Trump, and all the Rust Belt voters who backed Sanders in the primaries would have backed him again in the generals instead of voting for Trump. You McResistance keyboard warriors can put your fingers in your ears and pretend you don’t know that this is true, but we’ll both know that you’re lying. The Democratic establishment’s actions are unforgivable, which is why they’re ramping up their hawkish Russia rhetoric.

I’ve lost count of how many Democratic party officials have spoken about the unproven hacking allegations as “an act of war” now, but it’s a lot, and a new article by The Hill shows that it’s becoming so common it’s essentially Blue Church dogma now. According to one of these omnicidal Cold War pushers, Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell, they are doing this to manufacture consent for escalations with Russia to such an extreme height that it will cripple Putin’s soaring favorability with the Russian people and force him out of office. Swalwell told Fox’s Tucker Carlson last week that in retaliation for this imaginary act of war, the plan is to “squeeze their economy” with “tougher sanctions” to the point that it “cuts off Russia from the rest of the world” to “hurt [Putin’s] popularity”. As a reminder, U.S. sanctions likely caused the death of hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq in the 1990s. Russia’s population is nearly four and-a-half times Iraq’s. The Democratic establishment plans on hurting Putin's favorability by killing Russian children. Just let that sink in. 

As the hacking narrative weakens and we progressive rebels refuse to stop reminding everyone of the way these horrible people robbed us of President Sanders, their rhetoric gets ever more hawkish and ridiculous. The Ring of Fire reports that Democratic Congressman Seth Moulton is now using “decades-old information” about shifts in Russian military policy in order to bring military industrial complex funding to his home state and keep his party’s establishment from collapsing under the crushing weight of its sins. Moulton even went so far as to tell CNN that these ancient shifts in policy present a credible new threat to the American troops stationed in Poland, an assertion based on literally absolutely nothing.

Well, it’s not going to work. They might get their Cold War (friendly reminder that we barely survived the last one), they might get their child-murdering sanctions, and they might even get their regime change, replacing Putin with a more obedient Yeltsin-like puppet, but they will never, ever make us forget. I promise that I will never, ever stop reminding the American people of the evil that the Democratic establishment inflicted upon this world, and I promise that there are many just like me.

The original Birdie Sanders video made its way onto my “this time last year” app on Facebook yesterday. I wrote a post about it that I’d like to share here:

A Meditation For The McResistance™ 

So you agree that employing chatbots to disrupt and disseminate disinformation, hiring trolls to seed and control social media, and collaborating with publishers and journalists to plant fake news stories in the media is tantamount to rigging an election?

And that's why you're trying to find proof that Trump made that happen?

Because if you find proof, that would be treason? And you could jail the prick?


See, I have proof. Not of Trump though, of Hillary. Are you still on board?

Ha! I thought not. 

Well whatever, I just thought I'd post a little reminder of what we could have had, had there been a fair primary election. Had their been no bots, or media collusion, or hired trolls, this man would be president now. 

He is the most popular politician in America today. That was always going to happen. You hear him speak, he's won you. That's why they spent the first six months deliberately blacking out his campaign. 

It took an extraordinary and concerted effort on behalf of the DNC, an organization that is meant to run a fair and impartial primary, to keep him from winning the primary. From the media blackout, to purging hundreds of thousands of Bernie voters off the roles, to a sly practice of giving only the trashable provisional ballots to Bernie voters, to dodgy caucuses, to Bill Clinton with a bullhorn, to dead people voting, to vulnerable people bussed to vote Hillary, from agitators to hiring thousands of online shills to "correct the record", all the while colluding with top journalists at reputable media outlets to print fake-news anti-Bernie smears -- all of this and more, and the guy still nearly won. 

What you're kvetching about with Trump? That's just a part of the rigging that occurred with Bernie. If something is wrong, it's wrong, it doesn't make it right just because it suits your preferred outcome.  If you want fair elections, you want fair elections, if you only want it when it suits you then you're just a wannabe dictator yourself. 

This came up on my Facebook way-back machine today and I tried to watch it but I got a little something in my eye so it went a bit blurry for a time, but anyway, here we are, a year on, and this is what could have been. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, the man that this time a year ago a wise little birdy knew was The One and tried his little darnedest to tell us all that this is the guy, here he is, Mr. Bernie Fucking Sanders




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