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Serious Question: Is Russian Propaganda Really Worse Than Deep State Propaganda?

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As the ‘Russian hackers’ narrative weakens, more emphasis is being placed on Russian propaganda interfering in the 2016 election.

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It has become abundantly clear that the American public will never be shown any tangible proof of Russian hackers passing the emails of Democratic party officials to WikiLeaks, either directly or through intermediaries. If this was going to happen it would have happened by now, but instead all we’re getting are more and more reasons to disbelieve the “Russians hacked the election” narrative. The CrowdStrike report so many establishment outlets have been citing as evidence of Russian tampering has recently been severely undermined by accusations from the Ukrainian military and an influential British think tank that another alleged Russian hacking attack cited in the report to substantiate their claims never actually happened, and earlier this month we learned from WikiLeaks that the CIA was cultivating the ability to forge signs of Russian cyber intrusions prior to the hacking allegations.

To compensate for this crumbling narrative, America’s unelected power establishment known as the deep state has been increasingly emphasizing “Russian propaganda” in their reports, and have largely switched from the phrase “election hacking” to “election meddling” to better reflect this shift in emphasis. Headlines are now full of blurbs about “information warfare”, Russian bots, and online Kremlin operatives saturating social media with articles from RT and Sputnik to try and sway public opinion before the election, with mainstream publications even going so far as to suggest that alt-right outlets like Infowars and Breitbart may be literally guilty of treason, accusing those outlets of coordinating the spread of their pro-Trump articles with the Russian government.

The notion of RT and Sputnik trying to gain maximum visibility in American audiences prior to the election is a lot more credible than the Russian hacking allegations, so the new Official Narrative does have that going for it, but it comes with a gaping plot hole of its own: all reasonably well-informed Americans are aware that they are being propagandized constantly by their own government. Noam Chomsky has been speaking for decades about the way the corporate media is used by America’s corporatist power structures to manufacture the consent of the governed by propagandizing the public with a deceitful narrative that convinces them that their rulers are acting in their best interest, despite all evidence to the contrary. In 2013, the US government officially gave itself the right to use psy-ops on its own citizens, protecting itself from any possible legal repercussions of the practices they’ve been employing for generations.

Is any of this less offensive than the Russian government trying to manipulate your opinions? From the following options, which would you prefer: (A) for the Russian government to conduct psy-ops on you, (B) for the American power establishment to conduct psy-ops on you, or (C) for governments to stay the fuck out of your fucking mind and leave you and your countrymen the fuck alone? Did you ever consent to any of this? Do you remember signing up to live in a country full of brainwashed zombies whose psyches are constantly pummeled into consenting to the exploitation of the Walmart economy and the evils of the military industrial complex? Did you elect any of the corporatist propagandists constantly babbling about Russian propaganda on your TV screen? Is it not the most obnoxious thing in the world that these people are trying to paint Russia’s manipulations as an act of war while they themselves are currently trying to sink their rapey fingers as deep into your mind as possible?

It’s almost too much hypocrisy to think about. It’s recursive hypocrisy. Fractal hypocrisy. Hypocrisy on top of hypocrisy on top of hypocrisy all the way down, and all for the purpose of manipulating people into consenting to their own abuse and exploitation. These people are actually talking about your mind as though it is their property, to manipulate as they please in a totally monogamous abusive relationship. It actually hurts my brain just thinking about it. I’m gonna go lie down.

Contrary to the propaganda that corporate media has been trying to institutionalize as America’s unelected power structures become more and more obvious, the deep state is not some wild conspiracy theory, but only a concept used in political analysis to illustrate the self-evident fact that there are unelected people with power in America and that people in power tend to form alliances. These alliances form the structure that the current administration is locked in a power struggle with, and it’s good that more attention is being brought to it. Fight the deep state. Fight deep state propaganda. All of this political talk is for nothing until the unelected manipulators behind the elected government are neutered and uprooted, including their propaganda mouthpieces in the corporate media. Keep spreading the truth. Keep fighting their lies.




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