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When The Establishment Fails To Prove Trump-Russia Election Collusion, The Progressive Takeover Begins

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The establishment narrative is about to have a major hole punched in it as the Russia hearings begin today. Be ready to seize control.

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The House Intelligence Committee begins public hearings for its investigation into the possibility of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian government to win the 2016 election today. It is guaranteed to be a McCarthyist dog and pony show, in which high-profile witnesses will be trotted out and many absurd allegations will be made in authoritative-sounding tones by authoritative-sounding voices insisting that this is not the most ridiculous thing that anyone has ever seen. It is also guaranteed to turn up nothing that will lead to Trump's impeachment or arrest. When that happens, progressive rebels need to begin loudly pointing and laughing at what spectacular asses the neocons and establishment Democrats have made of themselves, and we must never stop reminding everyone of how the corporate media lied to them.

And mark my words, no tangible evidence of such collusion will be found. Establishment officials are already trying to caution the public not to get their hopes up about finding anything of the sort, because they have realized that they’ve painted themselves into a corner. All the Russia hysteria has made a useful distraction from the fact that actual real-life election rigging is known to have happened in the DNC in the last election cycle, and increasing tensions with Russia has been useful for the manipulations that the power establishment has been looking to advance with that nation, but it’s also brought all Democrats together under one propaganda-driven narrative, and the spell of that narrative is about to be broken. After months and months of gaslighting through Rachel Maddow’s conspiratorial tirades and anonymous CIA leaks through the Washington Post, rank-and-file Democrats are about to realize that they’ve been had, and journalists all around the country are about to realize they’ve bet their reputation on a lie. 

When this happens, we will pounce. The only thing that’s been holding this insane corporatist political system in place is the corporate media which is owned and operated by the same band of plutocrats who own the corporatist politicians. That’s the only reason the American people keep voting for politicians who don’t help them and keep settling for a system which uses their tax dollars for drone bombs instead of for giving them the same basic standards of living accorded to everyone else in every other major country. If we can help break their trust in the mainstream media and the political establishment, we can change the way Americans think and vote. That trust is the only thing keeping them anchored to the establishment narrative.

So we will point out, again and again and again, everywhere we can at every opportunity, that these people lied to them. We will not let them move the goalposts and start babbling about “Russian oligarchs”, Rex Tillerson and Crimea with their stupid conspiratorial graphs with all the arrows pointing all over the place, because without hard proof of collusion between Trump and the Russian government to win the 2016 election, all they’ve got is proof that some members of the current administration did business in Russia and weren’t eager to volunteer information about their interactions in the midst of a fact-free McCarthyist feeding frenzy. All they’ve got is evidence of businessmen doing normal business and politicians doing normal politics, and a bunch of fact-free conjecture. We will never stop reminding them that the political establishment just attempted another “Saddam has WMDs,” only this time we caught them in the act. 

Is it checkmate for the Democrat establishment? Only time will tell. The problem they have right now is that they’ve put all their eggs in the one basket; everything they have springboards from this election-stealing story being true. If Trump didn’t collude with the Russians to hack the DNC and Podesta’s emails and publish them, then every other accusation carries no weight. But here’s the thing — this is all they have. They have nothing else. As annoying as the constant bleating of “Russia, Russia, Russia!” has been, this unified chorus has brought together everyone we can’t trust into one place like zombies to a live brain. Anyone who has been saying this stuff either has no morals or no idea. They’re either really evil or really dumb. They either can’t be trusted or are far too trusting. Every politician, every journalist, every pundit, every nice lady with a Facebook account, every single person who has been all about Russia lately has dye-stained themselves as either the source or a carrier of the mind-virus. 

The DNC’s only hope at this stage is that eight months is long enough for us to forget about the actual evidence of actual election rigging that was in the emails in the first place. They really have to hope that we can’t hold a grudge this long and that our outrage has long since dissipated. Maybe we don’t even remember where this all started. After all, the goalposts have been moved multiple times to create as much confusion as possible. 

Oh but they are so very wrong. So very, very wrong. We have been holding on to this grudge like it’s our job because it’s far too important to lose it to the news-churn. For a few weeks we will watch in satisfaction while the establishment narrative is being smashed to bits, pointing out the lack of proof of collusion day after day after day. Then we demand our own bipartisan investigation into the DNC election rigging, because we did not forget about that, and until accountability is brought to bear on all those who stole the people’s voice and used it for their own ends, and the system itself is restored to allow a truly democratic process, we never will forget either. 

Democrats — we’re not going anywhere until this job is done.  




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