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Isn’t It Odd How Dems Are Still Targeting The Country Hillary Was Trying To Start A War With?

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Clinton was unquestionably pushing for a war with Russia long before the hacking allegations. The Dems are still targeting Russia.

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The very best argument against letting the current establishment continue to run the Democratic party is in my opinion the fact that they just ran a candidate against the current administration who fully intended to start a war with Russia. She promised to install a no-fly zone in Syria which top military officials attested would necessitate a war with both Syria and Russia, because it would entail attacking the Syrian and Russian air forces in that region. She was promising this potentially world-ending disaster long before the (still completely unproven) Russian hacking allegations began in July of last year; here’s a transcript of the primary debates from December 2015 in which she was advocating exactly that on national television months into the Russian air force’s campaign against ISIS in that region. Here’s an Al Jazeera article from the same month pointing out the obvious implications of this insane strategy.

Make no mistake, installing a no-fly zone in a sovereign nation can only ever be a tacit declaration of war. If China were to declare a no-fly zone over Great Britain right now, invading that nation and shooting down anything that flies as a matter of policy, what do you think would happen? Obviously China would instantly be at war with the UK and its allies. I still have Democratic party loyalists trying to tell me that Hillary’s no-fly zone was a far cry from warmongering. This is as wrong as wrong gets, and the only reason they can’t see it is because their moronic partisan hackery still has them thinking that only Republicans can be crazy warmongers. In reality, Clinton’s no-fly zone would have required as many as 70,000 US troops to invade Syria and dismantle its sophisticated anti-aircraft system before the no-fly zone —in which Russian and Syrian military planes would be shot out of the sky as a matter of policy— could even begin. 

More than four months after America decided not to play along with Hillary’s Russophobic warmongering in November, what is the establishment that attempted to inflict this horror upon us currently doing? Well, besides aggressively defending the corporatist smut novel known as Obamacare instead of pushing for single-payer healthcare, they are, surprise surprise, still trying to escalate tensions with Russia. They are, along with the neocons (many of whom refused to endorse Trump over Clinton), still beating the “Russia hacked the election” drum despite having provided zero proof of this to the public, and despite the WikiLeaks revelation that the CIA has been deliberately cultivating the ability to forge signs of Russian cyber intrusions. They have also begun referring to those unproven cyber intrusions as a potential “act of war”. The US government has never proclaimed itself to have been on the receiving end of an act of war without intending military repercussions; the last time that phrase was instituted was by the Dubya administration after the 9/11 attacks, when America invaded two nations and began its drone-bombing, regime-toppling “war on terror”.

Isn’t that a little odd? Isn’t it odd how these people are all fanning the flames of anti-Russia sentiment and policy and telling us it’s because of “Russian hacking”, when the candidate they’d just used a rigged primary to nominate was already pushing for a war with Russia long before the Russian hacking allegations ever came out? Again, Clinton was pushing for her no-fly zone in Russia’s longtime ally Syria long before the DNC leaks came out in July of 2016 (which was what sparked the first allegations of Russian hacking), and well after the Russian air force was already occupying Syrian airspace. Clinton seized on the opportunity to double down on her hawkish rhetoric, promising “military responses” for the alleged cyber attacks, but she had already been gunning for an intervention she knew could have only resulted in a direct military confrontation with Russia. 

What’s up with that? Why Russia, specifically? If the Dems just needed a scapegoat to blame their spectacular failures on, they could have picked anyone or anything, but they chose the exact country that the woman they’d just tried to force into office was trying to sneak us into a war with. To this day their corporate media mouthpieces are still talking about the Russian hacking allegations as though it’s an established fact and not an unsubstantiated accusation, and they’re working with the neocons to pass legislation forcing the current administration to make the Russia sanctions permanent.

It’s time to face the music, America. The current shrieking Russia hysteria is not about hacking; the Democratic/neocon establishment coalition was already targeting Russia long before any Russian hacking allegations. The current shrieking Russia hysteria is not about Trump; the Democratic/neocon establishment coalition was already targeting Russia long before Trump’s nomination to the Republican candidacy. The current shrieking Russia hysteria is there because the unelected power networks which remain in power amid the comings and goings of elected officials—the plutocrats, the military industrial complex, the intelligence community, and the corporate media who shape which officials get elected in America’s corporatist system— want a war with Russia. 

Why do they want a war with Russia? Maybe they want a regime change to give them a compliant puppet like Yeltsin instead of a president who boldly intervenes in key strategic locations that the American deep state wants to keep its fingers in like Crimea and Syria. Maybe they want to stop Russia’s collaboration with its allies to undermine the dominance of the US dollar in that part of the world? It’s hard to say what their motives are, but when someone’s trying to stab you, you don’t worry about their motives, you worry about stopping them. The further into conflict two nuclear superpowers get, the greater the possibility of one of their thousands of nuclear warheads being deployed, either accidentally, on purpose, or a mixture of the two in the fog of war. The last Cold War brought us within a hair’s breadth of nuclear annihilation on more than one occasion, and there’s no reason to believe we’d get lucky again. 

Fight the propaganda. Call this insanity what it is. America’s unelected power structures are lying to the American people. Keep shaking everyone awake.




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