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Call Me A ‘Purist’ Again

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In a strange combination of straw man and accidental mea culpa, corporate Democrats are now shaming progressive rebels for ‘purity’.

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There’s a new obnoxious buzzword in the corporate Democratic lexicon, and it’s being employed with increasing regularity by rank-and-file Democratic party loyalists. More and more I run up against vagina hat-wearing keyboard warriors of the McResistance dismissing progressive rebels as “purists,” “purity ponies” and “purity progressives,” the idea being that if you don’t want to vote for Democrats who actively facilitate corporatism, warmongering and ecocide, you are somehow being unrealistic and unreasonable. 

Like every argument these oligarchic meat puppets advance, this new pejorative has its roots not in independent critical thought, but in think tank-generated political talking points being funneled into their obedient minds through the corporate media. The increasingly awful Politico just ran a piece subtitled “Party leaders worry the Bernie Sanders wing will apply ideological purity tests in the South in 2018,” which appears to be a preemptive effort on the part of establishment Dems to blame progressives for their losses in elections that haven’t even happened yet. An appallingly insipid yet viral Vanity Fair article titled “Why the Alt-Left Is a Problem, Too” decries a number of entirely fictional problems in addition to the imaginary political movement in its title, among them “purity progressives” who “exert a powerful reality-distortion field online,” whatever the hell that means. CNN forcibly injected the concept of purism into the final DNC Chair debate by asking the candidates “Is notion of a purity test healthy for the Democratic Party?” after addressing the fear of primary challenges to corporate Democrats in congress. Plutocratic teat sucker Claire McCaskill has been repeatedly speaking out against primary challenges to her Senate seat from progressives and openly whining about the possibility of being challenged by progressive Democrats who “don’t think I’m pure.” It’s everywhere.

The gaping plot hole in this accusation, of course, is that wanting government officials to help the people instead of helping giant multinational corporations and banks to exploit, oppress and endanger the people is the most normal and reasonable thing that anyone could possibly want. Corporate Democrats are like a babysitter who you come home to find stoned out of her mind on the sofa with the kitchen on fire and the kids nowhere to be found, saying “What, so you’re not gonna hire me again? Stop being such a damn purist!”

No, idiots, we are not “purists”. We aren’t asking for our leaders to be pure, we are asking for them to not be lying, corrupt, warmongering psychopaths. That’s normal. We are not the weird and unreasonable ones in this picture. The weird and unreasonable ones are the people saying we need to accept leaders who will continue to bolster income and wealth inequality while funneling all new income to the wealthiest of the wealthy, who will force Americans to work two or three jobs to feed their kids while spending trillions bombing other people’s kids in corporatist wars, who refuse to push for the massive environmental policy changes that need to be made in order to avert climate catastrophe because it might inconvenience their billionaire sponsors, who lie, cheat and steal from the American people with the help of their corporate media mouthpieces. That’s not purism, that’s just basic, bare-minimum sanity.

We’re not asking for purity. That’s why we’ve eagerly embraced imperfect leaders like Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Nina Turner and Tulsi Gabbard. Any lefty could find issues with any of those individuals to nitpick over, but instead we advance them because they want to help the people instead of using and abusing people. That’s all any of us are ever asking for. This idea that it's somehow unreasonable to not want to be crushed to death by the Walmart economy while the world burns illustrates just how pants-on-head, smearing-body-fluids-on-the-wall insane the Democratic establishment has become. We’re not purists, they’re just saying that because we’re not bat shit raving lunatics like they are. They are crazy and unreasonable, we are sane and normal. That’s why our candidates should be in charge.

By calling our sanity “purism,” they are admitting that they are far too nuts to be running this operation. Go home corporate Democrats, you’re drunk. You’re drunk, and we’re gonna have to take your keys.




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