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Fact: Establishment Dems Are So Awful They’ve Made The GOP The Default Anti-War Party

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The warmongering of corporate Democrats has gotten so bad that the Republicans have officially stolen the peace issue.

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We are now a month and a half into an administration we were told over and over again with increasing urgency would kill us all immediately if we didn’t elect Hillary Rodham Clinton. By now we were supposed to have invaded Iran and China and goose-stepped our way to a fascist state of internment camps for Muslims and political dissidents, if Trump didn’t start a nuclear war in a fit of egoic impulsiveness first. Instead we’re seeing an administration that is so fascist and totalitarian that all the top comments on every single one of the President’s tweets are pure vitriolic mockery with no fear of reprisal, and we’re being told over and over again that the Commander-in-Chief wants nothing but peace. This is the dystopian nightmare we’ve received for our insolent refusal to elect Hillary.

Remember Hillary? I like reminding Democrats about Hillary. Hillary was the lady who spent an unprecedented 1.2 billion dollars from corporate mega donors campaigning on a promise to shoot down Russian military planes over Syria and provide “military responses” to the (still completely unproven) Russian email hacks. She campaigned on these horrifying promises after an extensive career of pushing for disastrous military intervention after disastrous military intervention seemingly at every opportunity, from the evil and unforgivable Iraq invasion to the collapse of Libya (remember when she laughed maniacally about Gaddafi’s horrific death?) to a coup in Honduras to install a regime that murders indigenous rights activists. This exemplar of human progress was the crème de la crème the Democratic establishment chose to force through their pretend primaries to head the most powerful military force on planet Earth.

This is not an endorsement of the GOP. This is a condemnation of the Democratic establishment. I see Democrats everywhere making melodramatic arm-waving outbursts over Trump’s increase in military spending (a standard Republican policy that every Republican presidential candidate needs to commit to in order to get elected) as though they didn’t just try to elect a woman who was campaigning on a promise to start World War 3. Wanna talk about Hillary some more? I do. The front-runner for her pick as Secretary of Defense just published an op-ed in the Washington Post (yes, that Washington Post) arguing that Trump is right to push for such an increase and explaining how to do so wisely. After eight years of Obama’s bombings and regime change interventionism Democrats finally remember how to pretend they’re anti-war again, and they’re shrieking about something their own would-be defense secretary wanted.

I hate establishment liberals. I hate their hypocrisy and their virtue-signaling vanity politics. I hate the pathetic weakness that keeps them from hauling themselves out of the tar pit of cognitive dissonance and facing the reality of what the Democratic party is and what it’s been doing to the American people and the world. I hate their phoniness and the way they're constantly regurgitating the latest think tank-generated slogan from the pundits on corporate media. I probably hate them a lot more than most Trumpsters hate them, because I’m more familiar with what they’re made of and what makes them tick. These were my buddies up until recently, you see. These are the people who don’t talk to me anymore because I speak out against heroes of theirs like Hillary Clinton. I know they purport to want an end to America’s nonstop military executions of innocent people around the world for corporatist interests. I also know they’re lying. They will pretend to care about America’s despicable, bloodthirsty foreign policy until the second they get one of their own back in the White House, and then anti-war Democrats will disappear from the face of the earth once more, after doing literally nothing to fix anything whatsoever.

Lately I’ve been writing about the way the Democratic establishment appears to be collaborating with the neocons and the deep state to push for a war with Russia. I personally have yet to be met with any substantial fact-based rebuttals to my position in my internet adventures, but I have been receiving a number of empty “that’s stupid”, “you’re nuts”, and “LOL YOU THINK THE REPUBLICANS ARE ANY BETTER LOLOLOL”-type comments on social media. Democratic party loyalists don’t seem to realize that outside of the liberal echo chamber, they are now seen as the party of war. Except for the very few vestigial neocons lingering from the Bush administration, the low bar of their foreign policy is still vastly superior to that of the corporate Dems. If you think that Trump wanting a strong military or Steve Bannon's record of saying weird things changes this, you are wrong. 

This is not to say that there isn’t an entire universe’s worth of room for improvement upon Republican foreign policy. Even if no Republican ever leads another invasion of another sovereign nation ever again, right at this very moment the US government is still wasting an unforgivable amount of its people’s resources extending its military might around the globe to manipulate world affairs and ensure the survival of the fossil fuel industry we need to start moving away from yesterday anyway. A sane non-interventionist foreign policy would end terrorism and free up such an immense amount of resources it would give the American people the ability to create a new kind of economy that isn’t propped up at the barrel of a gun, one where they make things and take care of each other and collaborate toward making something beautiful instead of being slowly choked to death for the profit of a few sociopathic plutocrats.

Progressives can lead the charge to turn this vision into a reality. But we’ll have to get these warmongering corporate Democrats out of the way first.




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