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Corporate Media Suddenly Not Okay With Unsubstantiated Claims Following Trump Twitter Rant

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After months of saturating the airwaves with completely unproven Russian hacking allegations, the MSM is suddenly condemning unproven claims.

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Yeeehaw! Is this great or what? Trump’s social media presidency means the sort of political spats that used to be limited to the back rooms of the West Wing are now broadcast for all to see during the Commander-in-Chief’s bathroom break. This is the exact sort of chaotic, sloppy shake-up of the US power establishment that the people who voted this man into office were hoping to see, and it sure is fun to watch.

Peter Dale Scott, arguably the man responsible for popularizing the now-ubiquitous term “deep state” in America, lists the deep state’s components in a very interesting essay for Who What Why which was published last month. Scott defines this power structure which remains amid the comings and goings of democratically-elected government officials as a network which includes the military–industrial complex, the intelligence community, Wall Street, plutocrats, big oil, national security officials, Silicon Valley, and, of course, the mainstream media. It is the MSM’s dominance over American political thought that exerts a tremendous (though steadily decreasing in the age of Assange) amount of influence over the way Americans think and vote. Nobody elects these people, but they wield an immense amount of power. This sort of blatant unelected power structure is what the concept of the deep state is meant to refer to, not the secretive cabal a lot of people think of when they hear that term.

If you google the word “proof” anywhere near the time I’ve published this article, you will find that these deep state mouthpieces are extremely upset about the way the current administration is able to bypass their filter by speaking directly to the American people using social media. They are outraged that the President would have the gall to make an assertion about the previous administration’s wiretapping behavior without providing any proof of those allegations, which is absolutely precious coming from a group that’s been relentlessly yammering about Russian hacking for months and months without ever once providing a single shred of tangible proof. And all over an allegation of wiretapping in a nation we know for a fact spent the last sixteen-year Bushbama administration making it legal for the US government to spy on private American citizens, which Donald Trump was until his inauguration.

The corporate media does not care about an absence of proof. Their entire operation is built upon making assertions in the absence of proof. This was how they paced the American people into consenting to the disastrous invasion of Iraq and duped a full 70 percent of the US population into thinking that Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 attacks; instead of doing their jobs as journalists, they functioned as the establishment mouthpieces that they are and told America that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction absent any proof at all, while in the same breath mentioning the 9/11 attacks over and over again for no other reason than to create a false association between the two in the minds of the American people. 

No, the corporate media does not care about an absence of proof. They are actually upset because a monkey wrench has been thrown in their attempts to WMD us again.


As I’ve mentioned once or twice or thrice recently, there is good reason to believe that the deep state is working with its corporate media mouthpieces and its loyalists among the neocons and the Democratic establishment to pace the American people into consenting to escalating tensions with Russia, either reigniting the Cold War or starting an all-out hot war. Just as with Iraq, we have been shown zero proof of the primary reason we are being given to want Putin overthrown, but the propagandist corporate media has been drilling it into our heads day after day, month after month that this is an indisputable, unquestionable fact that we aren’t permitted to cast doubt upon in polite company. If you do, you get derided as a conspiracy theorist, despite the fact that conspiracy theory is per definition precisely what these bastards are peddling.

Trump’s Twitter rant disrupted the whole thing. Now there’s going to be a debate raging for days about whether what Trump said was true, the extent to which it was true, and the implications of living in a society where the US government can legally spy on its own people and lie under oath about it. The slow frog-boiling process of inching us toward a war with Russia will be put on hold, and the deep state propagandists don’t like it one bit. They will scream, they will rage, and they might even lose their campaign to manufacture consent for a potentially world-ending conflict. Which would of course be delicious.




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