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Democratic Senator Confirms That Establishment Dems Are Trying To Start A War With Russia

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Get these warmongering, omnicidal psychopaths out of here.

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Yesterday I wrote an essay arguing that the Democratic establishment and its neocon buddies are clearly working with the deep state to either reignite the Cold War or start a new hot war with Russia, which got the usual mixture of praise, “tinfoil hat conspiracy theory” pejoratives, and accusations of being a Russian propagandist. Today, a Democratic US Senator has confirmed my assertion. New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who supported the evil and unforgivable Iraq invasion of 2003, is beating the war drum again, this time against a nuclear superpower. 

During Thursday morning’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Shaheen told her peers that the US government should begin considering the possibility that the alleged (and still completely unproven) Russian hacking campaign during the 2016 presidential election cycle was “an act of war.” The Hill reports that Shaheen “asked the panel of experts and former officials testifying before the committee ‘what kind of message’ it sends to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the rest of the world — including America's allies — if the U.S. does not respond to the election hacks.”

To be clear, the last time officials in the US government claimed that America had been on the receiving end of an act of war was after the 9/11 attacks, which led to the invasion of two sovereign nations and the regime-toppling, drone-bombing policies of the so-called war on terror. When they use the phrase "act of war", they are saying that war has been waged. The "responses" Senator Shaheen is advocating are military responses. As a reminder, Shaheen belongs to the same political establishment that just ran a presidential candidate who campaigned on the promise to set up a no-fly zone in Syria, knowing (as testified by top military officials) that this would necessarily entail shooting down Russian military planes and starting a war with Russia. She also openly pledged “military responses” to the alleged Russian "cyber attacks".

I knew this was coming, but I still wanted to scream when I read this. These monsters are so adept at pacing the US public into insane acts of military aggression. The average American spent approximately zero percent of their daily waking life thinking about Russia and Putin at the beginning of 2016, but after the DNC leaks disgraced the Democratic party and crippled the Clinton campaign this all changed. They’ve been gradually turning up the heat on the anti-Russia rhetoric from a few unexpected comments here and there to the perpetual, glass-shattering shriek it has reached today, with many Democratic partisans so fiendishly addicted to the manic McCarthyist witch hunt that they’ll gulp down a 13,000-word New Yorker article by the latest red-baiting presstitute with feverish gusto and still be hungry for more. Shaheen’s psychopathic warmongering rhetoric just tossed a few full oil drums on the fire these horrible people have been slowly building this entire time.

So after months and months of psychologically brutalizing the American people with lie after lie after alarmist, fearmongering lie, the establishment power structure and its political allies in the Democratic party are ready to start easing people into the next level where they’re able to openly speak about a Russian war. Shaheen’s rhetoric along with the cartoonishly exaggerated accusations against Attorney General Jeff Sessions have escalated the consent-manufacturing process into vastly more dangerous terrain. Whether the deep state is planning to try and force Trump's hand with Russia or whether they’re going to keep fanning the flames of war until the Democrats or the neocons regain power remains to be seen, but there can be no question at this point that this is what these psychopaths are gunning for.

We need to shut this insanity down, America. Hard. Stop pretending that all these monsters want is a fair, impartial investigation of Trump’s involvement with Russia and start calling this depraved, bloodthirsty warmongering what it is. We all know there is no possibility of an “impartial investigation” in the middle of a McCarthyist feeding frenzy in which half the government and many factions of the intelligence community are dedicated toward the specific agenda of staging a political coup and starting a war with Russia. We need to break the insane, artificially constructed political taboo against pointing out the indisputable fact that we have still yet to be shown anything remotely resembling proof of this alleged Russian hacking, and that the absolute worst-case scenario of Shaheen’s “act of war” is that Americans learned the truth about the lies their politicians were telling them with the help of the corporate media. 

Shut. Them. Down. Repeat after me: "You're helping the deep state start a war with Russia. Shut up."

Whenever anyone starts babbling about Russia and “election hacking”, scream at them. Rage at them. Call their McCarthyism and warmongering what it is. When they call you a Putin stooge or a Kremlin puppet, scream even louder. There is no excuse for being complicit in a deep state push toward a conflict that could very easily lead to the death of every single living organism on planet Earth. We came within a hair’s breadth of total annihilation on more than one occasion in the last Cold War, and these traitors to their species want to drag us all kicking and screaming back to that point, or to a point that’s even more dangerous. Anyone who wants to help them do this has made themselves an enemy of mankind. We need to stop tolerating this insanity. Progressives suck at aggressively setting limits; that’s why our agenda has no voice in US politics today. Let’s change that right here, right now. There could be no better cause.

This push toward humanity’s first ever direct military conflict between its two nuclear superpowers needs to receive the loudest “NO!” in our species’ history. There is, quote literally, nothing in the world that is more important than avoiding this conflict. Any push toward it, from anyone, must be met with loud, ferocious opposition, because our lives, and indeed all lives, depend upon it.





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