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The Cheaters At The DNC Just Chose Divorce Over Marriage Counseling

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The Democratic establishment opted to do this the hard way by electing Tom Perez instead of Keith Ellison to DNC chair.

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The DNC is like a husband who got caught cheating, and the question of who it would select for its Chairman was a question of whether it wanted to go to marriage counseling and sort things out, or if it was more the “Hey I got needs baby, if you got a problem with that there’s the door” kind of guy. Today, we received our answer.

At the DNC Winter Meeting in Atlanta, it took two rounds of votes for the Democratic National Committee to elect the establishment-endorsed former Labor Secretary Tom Perez over the Sanders-endorsed Congressman Keith Ellison by a margin of 235-200. According to The Young Turks, the DNC violated their own bylaws by not recording the votes.

So there you go. If you were surprised during the last election cycle to learn that the Democratic elites would rather lose to a Republican than win with a progressive, you must be truly stunned to learn that they’d rather collapse their entire party (the oldest political party in the world) by refusing to so much as throw progressives a single bone than retain party viability. Keith Ellison was far and away the front runner of the race for the first month of his candidacy, with heavy-hitting endorsements ranging from heroes of the left in Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to establishment stalwarts Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid, and then the Democratic establishment shoved Perez into the race with full-throated endorsements from the Obama administration. Which can only mean one of two things: (A) the Dem establishment feared that Ellison would not continue the DNC Chair tradition of stacking elections to favor pro-corporatism candidates, or (B) they are so aggressively opposed to any progressive influence in the party that they’re unwilling to give the left so much as a symbolic victory in the already pro-establishment Ellison.

Either way, it’s hard to imagine the Democratic party surviving much longer. It was already on its deathbed with losses in the White House, both congressional houses, governorships and state and local legislatures, and the fact that its organizing body chose to give its progressive base yet another middle finger by refusing to even let them have the middle-ground candidate who endorsed both Sanders and Clinton means that their infection just went septic. 

Never before has the DNC Chair selection had so much attention placed upon it. This is not because the position suddenly became more powerful or influential, but because for the first time ever Americans are aware of how the Democratic establishment has been using that position to manipulate the results of Democratic primary races. Had Debbie Wasserman Schultz not been forced to work so hard and extend herself so far out of the shadows to shut down the insurgent Sanders campaign, very few people would care about the results of today’s election. But since we are now all acutely aware of how much damage Wasserman Schultz (who like Perez was also hand-picked for the position by the Obama administration) was capable of doing, we notice, and we care. 

The DNC Chairmanship has been the Democratic establishment’s secret weapon this entire time, so much so that it looks extremely likely that Obama personally cut a deal with former DNC chair Tim Kaine to install the Clinton attack poodle Wasserman Schultz in order to enable himself to choose a successor. They’ve been using the Chair to ensure that the Democratic party never, ever lives up to its platform and stays loyal to moneyed interests instead of voters this whole time.

The Democratic insiders were 100 percent aware that their decision would cost them dearly when they handed a decisive victory to the establishment candidate today. They have no illusions about Perez’s empty gesture motioning to giving the position of Deputy Chair to Ellison will make any difference in the eyes of their progressive base. They were 100 percent aware that their relationship with progressives was on thin ice already, and they could have opted for marriage counseling in electing Keith Ellison, which wouldn’t have undone the betrayal but could have begun the long process of healing the relationship. They opted for divorce instead.

So let’s pack our bags.



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