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I Dare You To Elect Tom Perez, DNC. Do It. Do It And Watch What Happens.

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DNC insiders are about to decide whether or not progressives keep playing nice.

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Oh please, DNC. Please do it. I’m begging you. Please elect Tom Perez chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Please elect the man who advised the Clinton campaign on how to paint Bernie Sanders as a vaguely racist white guy who can only relate to white voters. Please elect him to the same chair position that was used to sabotage Sanders’ campaign in the first place by manipulating primary dates and debate schedules and colluding with the media to favor his establishment opponent. Please elect the guy who was endorsed by that same establishment instead of the guy Sanders himself endorses

Go on. Don’t be scared. What’s the worst that could happen, besides galvanizing an entire progressive coalition against you like nothing you’ve ever seen before? Other than that tiny little detail which couldn’t possibly create any problems for you, what have you got to lose? Elect the guy who has already shown us that he’ll grovel and apologize anytime he accidentally does anything to offend corporatist insiders. I’m sure it will work out fine for you.

It’d be win-win, come to think of it. You’d get to keep the pro-establishment insider culture you’ve been using to suppress the progressive agenda this entire time, and we’d get to skip the part where you pretend to care about us by electing Ellison instead. It’ll make things nice and clear for everyone right off the bat, so we can all stop giving you people the benefit of the doubt and get to work burning your entire network to the ground.

I was pleased to read that this already seems to be the likely outcome. At the beginning of this month, the same writer from the same publication that officially called the Democratic primaries for Clinton on a day when no votes were even cast wrote that Perez has a massive delegate lead in the race. In both the primary race and the DNC chair race, Lisa Lerer of Associated Press went out of her way to communicate to the public that the race is already over, the outcome is inevitable, and we might as well bend over and try to think relaxing thoughts. 

So it looks like you may have written your own eviction notice already, DNC. If I had a tail, it’d be wagging.

You clearly do not realize this yet, but progressives are done with the way you do things. Completely finished. We are finished with the way you hold the civil rights of disadvantaged groups hostage in order to leverage us into supporting corporatist wars and crushing economic injustice. We’re finished with the way you actively sabotage progressive candidates. Finished with the way you collaborate with the corporate media to manipulate the public into backing your evil oligarchic practices. Finished with the way you enable a few billionaires to have more of a voice in American politics than all American voters combined. That is not on anymore. We’re done with that, and we’ll do everything we need to do to make this shift happen.

You know you don’t have the uncompromising stubbornness or white hot energy to compete with what we bring to the table. I’ve been seeing a few articles and tweets from establishment pundits trying to posture and pretend that they’ll keep fighting us with everything they’ve got, but we all know that isn’t true. We will win, because ultimately we’re fighting for our lives while you’re just fighting for a more comfortable paycheck. We’ve got fire, passion and rightness on our side, while all you sociopaths have is manipulation and inertia. This is an unwinnable war for you, and you know it. The only ones among your ranks whose careers will survive what’s coming are the ones who sincerely defect and join our side.

So try us, DNC. We're probably just bluffing anyway, like we were when we told you Bernie or Bust. You should try us and find out. Stop postponing the inevitable and elect Tom Perez to DNC chair. Then watch and see what happens.




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