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Oh My God, Shut Up About Russia!

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Americans have real problems they should be focusing on instead of carrying water for the Deep State's psywar.

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A few hours ago the notorious corporate crack whore Cory Booker posted a video to his Facebook page asking Democrats to make even more noise demanding that the government make even more of a fuss about Russia’s “cyber attacks” and implying that they interfered with vote tallies by telling his audience that Russia interfered with “your ability to express yourself and your opinion at the polls.” This is of course a lie; no legitimate source anywhere claims that Russians were caught tampering with polling machines or stopping Americans from expressing their opinions at the polls. As of this writing his video has half a million views, and Booker is just one of many Democrats leading a renewed charge to beat an extremely dead horse with a very broken stick.

This is getting so stupid and tedious. Have you ever have a friend who just couldn’t shut up about their ex? You’d be hanging out with the girls, everyone would be having a great time, you’d start to talk about maybe getting something to eat, and she’d just slam the mood down and stand on its trachea by sighing, “Barry used to make the best spaghetti…” Month after month after month of Barry this and Barry that, until finally someone gets fed up and yells “Dammit Karen, get over it already! This is why he left, because you’re such a needy little sook!”

Democrats are Karen. Russia is Barry. And in both cases I’m the annoyed friend who just wants to move on and go out for kebabs.

It’s time to move on, Democrats. Seriously. I can understand why the Deep State cares about Russia, I can understand why Trump’s political opponents care about Russia, but we all know you don’t really care about Russia. Come on. You don’t. You know you don’t. You know damn well you hardly ever thought about that icy potato patch until the people who lied to you about WMDs in Iraq started telling you they were helping the obnoxious Republican win. You don’t really care about Russia. You care that your team lost.

Don’t try and tell me otherwise. Don’t come to me trying to pretend you were losing sleep about Georgia and Crimea before the “Russia hacked the election” meme was being pounded into your skull over and over and over again by corporate media. Don’t try to tell me you were spending any percentage of your day-to-day life thinking about Putin’s human rights violations before the talking heads on TV told you that you should spend more time worrying about the Kremlin. Don’t try to tell me you cared about Russia before it became advantageous for the Deep State to make you care about Russia. I’ll know you’re lying if you do.

You care about Russia because you were told to care about Russia. In 2013 the US government gave itself the legal right to use psy-ops on American citizens, and they’ve been using the deliberately-constructed liberal echo chamber to pummel your consciousness into adopting the establishment narrative about Russia ever since the lady who was promising to start a war with Russia failed to win the presidential election. 

And you believe them, because you want to believe them. As we’ve discussed before, the Democrats use disadvantaged groups as leverage to manipulate liberals into voting for them despite the Democratic party’s consistent opposition to economic justice. The aforementioned liberal echo chamber has been used to lull you into subscribing to this sick religion that says the only thing a politician needs to do as an upholder of enlightened values is say nice things about Mexicans and call Caitlyn Jenner by the correct pronouns. Then all of a sudden a politician comes along who deliberately spits upon all these values you’ve been trained to view as sacrosanct, and even though his economic policies are no worse than the rest of your own party’s platform, he has committed an unforgivable heresy against your weird political religion, and therefore he must be punished.

So you pretend to care about Russia. You say it’s because they hacked the emails of the DNC and John Podesta and gave them to WikiLeaks, but you’ve been shown no proof of this, America is better off for having learned the truth about the Democratic establishment, and there are many powerful plutocrats who would benefit from increased tensions and even all-out military conflict with Russia. You say it’s because Russia “invaded” Crimea, but an overwhelming majority of Crimeans reported in an American poll that they preferred Russian rule and want Ukraine to honor the annexation, and a year later a German polling company found this to still be true. You say it’s because of Russia’s military actions in Syria, but Russia came to Syria at the request of the Syrian government, and by the time Russia joined direct military action the only groups opposing Assad were known Jihadist factions. There’s no good reason for you to care about those things, and you know that you don’t.

I’ll prove to you that you don’t care about Russia. Answer these two questions — first, what is the worst case scenario if the Deep State is allowed to have its conflict with Russia? Don’t worry, I’m a feminist, I’ll answer for you: all life on earth is annihilated in a nuclear holocaust. That's the worst case scenario of a conflict with Russia.

Now tell me what’s the worst case scenario if we let Trump get along with Putin? Again, don’t strain yourself, I’ll tell you: America and Russia will be allies. 

Oh me oh my, the US might continue to get along with Russia as it has done for the last 25 years! Oh noes, how terrible! You stand to lose nothing by your country getting along with Russia, and you stand to lose everything if it doesn't. 

Come on Democrats, this whole drama queen thing is so deeply embarrassing. Calm down and let’s be grown-ups and admit we lost (because we did), have a proper post-mortem so we can clean house, get a clear head about the real problems of Trump’s administration (uh, DAPL, hullo?), and start putting our energy there so we can come back stronger than ever for the mid-terms in 2018. There’s so much cool shit we can do and so many actual problems that need fixing; we really don’t need any fake ones distracting us. 

Reality, Democrats. Let’s face it. 





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