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If You Want Trump Impeached, It’s Because You Don’t Know Enough About Mike Pence

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Mike Pence is vastly worse than Trump. If you want real change, start fighting the Democratic establishment.

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Oh dear god, liberals, stop. Please just stop. In the name of all that is holy, please stop calling for Trump’s impeachment. Take a few deep breaths, go and get some Starbucks, listen to your favorite REM songs, and try to relax. I promise you don’t want what you think you want.

Let me begin by saying that a Trump impeachment will not happen. Not until after 2018 anyway, and then only if he can’t give the economy a boost. If Trump is able to bring in jobs by the 2018 elections (or at least create the appearance of bringing in jobs like Obama did), his approval rating will likely climb, and Democrats may once again miss out on their anticipated congressional gains. Americans vote with their wallets first and foremost, and if those wallets are fatter than they used to be, Republicans will have a much easier election cycle. Trump will have to screw up very badly in order to create the two-thirds Senate majority needed for him to be legally impeached, which will only happen if the Democrats make large gains in 2018. The GOP isn’t stupid enough to turn Trump’s millions of rabid followers against them.

So there’s the fact that all this “He’ll be impeached any minute now!” talk is as naive as the “He’s definitely killed his campaign now!” talk that came up every time he said something obnoxious during the primaries and generals. But there’s also the fact that the man who would take the steering wheel in the event of Trump’s impeachment is much, much worse than Trump.

Mike Pence is a hardcore, Bible-thumping, warmongering neocon. The last time we had one of those in the White House America invaded two countries and began a nationwide impression of a George Orwell novel, and if you think that’s preferable to temporarily banning a few people from coming to America, congratulations, you’ve been fully indoctrinated with pro-establishment hysteria. If a million slaughtered Iraqis is somehow not worse in your mind than Trump’s first few days in office, corporate media has succeeded in killing your conscience. 

Even ignoring Pence’s glaring civil rights blemishes like the fact that his homophobia approaches “definitely overcompensating for something” level, and leaving aside the fact that he was one of the planet-killing TPP’s biggest fans, Pence is still far worse than Trump based on foreign policy alone. He was an enthusiastic cheerleader for the Iraq invasion which killed a million Muslims, and as recently as October he was openly on the exact same page as other neocons like John McCain and Lindsey Graham with regard to pushing toward war with both Russia and the Syrian government. Replacing Trump with him would guarantee a military takeover in Syria and almost certainly a war with Russia as well. 

Trump picked Pence as his running mate for a reason you guys, and it wasn’t for his love of great Broadway musicals. Pence is a deterrent, plain and simple, and a very effective one at that. Anyone who takes out Trump gets someone who agrees with all of Trump’s Islamophobic and xenophobic policies, with the addition of a deep love for war and predatory trade deals. 

Everything you hate about Trump, Pence embodies, albeit with a much more politically conventional and polite face. He embodies everything that’s foul about Trump, plus he’s as eager to start World War 3 as Hillary Clinton. If you thought the general election featured two awful choices, think about what would happen if you combined all the worst aspects of both of them. The very worst of both deeply abysmal worlds. That’s exactly what Mike Pence is.

What we progressives need is not the impeachment of the current President, it’s to focus on the battle of ensuring that the next one is excellent. The Democratic party currently actively sabotages true progressive candidates. That has not changed. Not one thing about the machine that killed Bernie Sanders has changed a whit, and they don’t intend to change if they can get away with it. As long as they’ve got us naively exerting our energy on a dead-end campaign to oust Trump, they can just quietly slip into the background only to emerge in 2020 with yet another corporate warhawk candidate that we don’t want but feel like we have to get behind as they play the same old trick of “Well, do you want Trump again?”

Come on guys. Let’s get smart. Let Trump duke it out with the neocons while we focus on cleaning house. There’s three things we need to concentrate on right now. 

1. We need to kill the mainline of corporate donor money to each Democratic legislator. We need to find out who donates to whom and how it affects their votes and we need to spread that info around and we need to make that count. If we make taking corporate cash not worth the bad publicity, then Democratic senators and congressmen will be forced to look to their constituents for support, which will mean they will be forced to vote according to their constituents’ concerns as well. 

2. We need to demand guaranteed impartial open primaries with paper ballots and exit polls and the normal checks and balances of a free and transparent democracy. The next nominee must reflect the will of the people or the Dems will lose again. 

3. We need to lean on the current sitting Democrats to do their job and vote according to our will. Despite the hyperbole, not everything Trump is doing is bad and awful, but they do need a strong and virulent opposition to those things that are really dangerous. Bernie Sanders is doing a great job of showing us where those truly pernicious movements are, and we need to help him show opposition to that. 

Unless we can change the Democrats right now, we will be stuck with some version of Obama or Clinton running against Trump in 2020, one that we will be forced to support again because “Well, do you want Trump?” etc. This could be doubly disastrous since, as we mentioned earlier, Trump’s defeat in 2020 is far from guaranteed if he can give the economy a boost. If the Democratic establishment is permitted to actualize its current plan, it will run a corporate Dem in 2020 hoping that people will support them out of desperation. That is their whole plan and it’s a terrible one. It might not even work which means eight years of Trump. We need to start fighting this, and we need to fight it now.

So you want to oppose Trump? Start fighting right now to make sure we can get a real progressive candidate to provide him with real opposition in 2020. It’s the only approach that has winning odds of beating him, and it’s the only approach that can save our world from more corporatist strangulation and war.

The Ring of Fire reports that the Koch brothers fear Donald Trump's extremism could bring about a backlash from the "far left," causing the political pendulum to "swing with even more force in the other direction next time — even further to the left than Bernie Sanders or Liz Warren.” This is exactly what we want, so let's make that happen. Let's bring the Koch brothers' worst nightmare to life.




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