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Corporate Media Is Planning Nonstop Trump Alarmism Until 2020 So A Corporate Dem Can Win

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The political establishment intends to constantly report that the sky is falling so Americans will support a corporate Dem out of desperation.

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Okay, so we’re all still alive and kicking, right? Ten fingers, ten toes? 

Good. It’s been a trippy last few days, and if you’ve been listening to mainstream media it’s even trippier because everything’s on fire and we're all about to die. In real life though, the world is still turning, the sun is still shining, and Republicans are just doing a somewhat milder version of the same idiotic dance they’ve always done. We’re essentially getting the same anti-science, anti-environment, pro-billionaire schtick we would’ve gotten had any other Republican won the presidency, minus the wars and predatory trade deals that the neocons love.

This is hardly the goose-stepping, minority-incinerating dystopian apocalypse that the establishment media was promising us in the event of a Trump win. They’re still trying to paint it as though their alarmist prophecies have come true, but they have not. Sure it’s weird and stupid and kind of uncomfortable, but we are unquestionably living in a safer world than we would have been under a President Clinton. This is important for progressives to notice, because by cranking up the alarmism to eleven and freaking out about literally everything Donald Trump says and does, the neoliberal establishment is setting us up for their next move.

As we’ve discussed before, the Democratic establishment has no intention of changing, and intends to sabotage the progressive movement and advocate for the plutocrats at every turn. This was not a winning strategy for the oligarchs in 2016, where they were stunned by the unexpected and unauthorized victory of an independent billionaire whose loyalty and malleability they can’t place any comfortable bets on. They know they can’t impeach him without bringing down the wrath of his rabid supporters, so the plan is to do everything they can to keep Trump’s approval rating so low that he’ll either get ousted in a primary challenge by a loyal neocon or overthrown by a neoliberal Democrat in 2020. They will do this by shrieking in distress and pointing at every single thing he does as evidence that the sky is falling, and it will probably work if we don’t fight this psy-op tooth and claw the entire time.

We’ve got to fight the gaslighting and help people remember that unless Trump turns America into a giant, steaming crater by 2020 or turns out to be an actual Nazi, the neoliberal media has lied to them. Furiously pounding out and proliferating article after article after article comparing him to Adolf Hitler leading up to the November election, article after article after article assuring the reader that they face near-certain nuclear annihilation in the event of a Trump victory, establishment media pulled no punches and showed no shame in attempting to bully the American public into supporting their preferred corporate crony. I know people who literally thought they were going to be killed if Trump was elected because of the relentless psywar these monsters have been waging upon the American psyche.

But all those articles are still there, and if things turn out to be more or less okay over the next four years as America takes a more non-interventionist posture and focuses on its own economy and infrastructure, we can keep pointing people back to them every time the media starts squealing about Trump’s latest obnoxious brain fart on Twitter saying, “Yeah, but remember how they said we’d all die? Remember how they promised he’d destroy the country? That still isn’t happening. We’re still alive, and the Democrats still need to court our vote with an acceptable replacement.”

They’ll try to offer us an Andrew Cuomo. This will be unacceptable. If that falls flat, they’ll try to offer us Elizabeth Warren. This will also be unacceptable. Warren will be another Obama, saying all the right things while selling America’s lifeblood to the highest bidder and helping to deepen the chokehold of the Walmart economy. Despite her aptitude with Twitter and making viral videos wagging her finger at indifferent billionaires who will suffer no consequences for their crimes, Warren has wound up on the wrong side of every major progressive acid test she’s been given, from Bernie to DAPL to the DNC scandal to Hillary’s warmongering. She’s another smooth-talking neoliberal in progressive’s clothes, just like Obama was. Not acceptable.

We can win this thing, but it’s going to be an uphill battle. It’s of utmost importance that we refuse to buy into their manipulations, keep track of their lies and contradictions, break the spell of their psy-ops at every opportunity, and keep throwing sand in the gears of the machine. 

There’s an exciting new movement called the Justice Democrats that’s got some good people and a lot of great energy pouring into it right now. It is possible for real progressives to pull off an aggressive takeover of the Democratic party; we don’t have to settle for table scraps anymore. The Democratic establishment has made it clear that they’re going to keep pushing for the starvation and subjugation of the American people, so they are the enemy. Not the “lesser evil”, but the enemy, and in reality a much greater obstacle to advancing the progressive agenda than the Republicans are. 

The only thing stopping us right now is the fact that the party that’s supposed to represent the people actively subverts and undermines the 99 percent for the benefit of the one percent, and actively subverts and undermines any politician who tries to represent the 99 percent instead of the one percent. You only need to bash down one wall to escape from a cage, though, and right now the weakest wall is the Democratic establishment. Let’s take these bastards down.




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