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Democrats Can Go Ahead And Admit They Were Wrong About WikiLeaks Now

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WikiLeaks’ solicitation of Trump tax return documents proves everyone wrong who tried to paint Assange as a Trump supporter.

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I hate Sean Hannity. Hate, hate, hate, hate him. His relentless, bulldozer-like push for the Iraq war, and the way he’d have opponents of that evil invasion on his show just to shout them down and shut them up, was absolutely unforgivable. He was in my opinion the very worst of the Bush cheerleader pundits, and until this last election cycle added more faces to my personal Needs Punching List, his was right near the top. 

It was more than a little annoying, then, when this scumbag became one of the most vocal advocates of my number one hero, Julian Assange. He’d never liked Assange before; when WikiLeaks began releasing information about the war crimes committed during the occupation Hannity had helped manufacture consent for, he actually called for his arrest. If it were up to him, Assange would’ve been suffering the same torture and abuse as Chelsea Manning since 2010 instead of shining the light of truth on corruption and injustice this whole time. But now, because it’s politically convenient for Hannity’s ascent to the top of conservative punditry as one of the earliest and most enthusiastic Trump advocates in Rupert Murdoch’s goon squad, this turd comet gets to look like an advocate of truth and government transparency all of a sudden.

If you’re a lover of truth, you support it whenever it comes up, wherever it presents itself, not just when it advances your partisan agenda. If you only support truth when it’s politically convenient, you’re not even half of a truth lover— you’re just a partisan hack. An exploiter of truth. An enemy of truth. A manipulator. 

A liar.

This is what Sean Hannity is, and this is what all his many, many mirror images on the political left are as well. The left who cheered when Bush’s dirty laundry was aired suddenly proclaimed Assange a right-wing supporter of fascism and Putinism when the light of truth started to fall on their darling Hillary Clinton. They started citing the absence of leaks on Trump as proof of Assange’s right wing bias, even though leaks were dropping on Trump all over the place, just not through WikiLeaks. If you’re not worried about getting “suicided” you don’t need to go through WikiLeaks’ anonymous leaking drop box, you can just release the Trump tax information through the New York Times or the “grab them by the pussy” audio through the Washington Post, which is what happened. 

Assange was absolutely demonized by enemies of truth on the political left for costing Hillary Clinton the election, and yet now, still mere hours into the new administration, he’s already actively soliciting leaks on Donald Trump. 

Never before has a President provided such opacity with their personal finances, and now that Trump stooge Kellyanne Conway has announced that his administration has no intention of releasing his tax returns, WikiLeaks set to work doing what it always does, regardless of what political party is in control: shining the light of truth on power. That’s what Assange has always done, and that’s what he always will do.

So Democrats who spat on Assange when the truth happened to make their tribe look bad can go ahead and apologize now. If the cognitive dissonance is still too overwhelming, they can wait a little while and apologize once the leaks begin dropping on the Trump administration, because they will. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the actual truth tellers will forget about your disgusting hypocrisy if you begin suddenly singing Assange’s praise when this happens and point it out just like we’ve been pointing out Sean Hannity’s.

This is how you sort out the trustworthy from the untrustworthy, America. Ignore their words, ignore their stories, and watch whether or not they consistently come down on the side of truth or the side of falsehood. The lovers of truth are our people. They’re the ones who’ll help guide us out of this mess. Everyone else is just getting in the way.




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