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Not One Single DNC Chair Candidate Will Admit The Primary Was Weighted For Hillary

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The refusal of all seven candidates for DNC chair to admit the primary was biased proves that nothing will change.

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Debate 13
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It’s official: none of the seven candidates vying for the position of DNC chair are willing and/or able to take a stand on the rigging of the 2016 Democratic primary. They will not call it what it was, they will not acknowledge what they damn well know former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz did, and they will not give the American people any reasonable assurance that it will not happen again. They will say whatever they need to say in order to get the 224 Committee votes necessary to secure the position, and if you are a Democrat you just have to trust that they won’t actively sabotage the next people’s candidate that comes along just like they did last time.

I finally got around to watching the excruciating sleazefest of the Huffington Post-hosted DNC chair debate from the other day, managing to resist putting my fist through the screen every time anyone started babbling about unity and togetherness only by making a fun but cirrhosis-inducing drinking game out of it. I was able to remain conscious for most of the ordeal, though around the one hour mark of the video I learned everything I needed to know from one single show-of-hands question:

“Who in here believes that the DNC did unfairly put its thumb on the scale during the 2016 primary?”

The question was asked by the debate’s co-host Ryan Green. Literally less than one second after the question left his lips, a candidate whose name I will not bother learning because this is the last time anyone will hear anything about her blurted “That’s a gotcha question, I’m not gonna answer.” 

All seven candidates fervently agreed and made a great show of shocked, indignant facial expressions as though Green had just asked them to show the audience their best Stephen Hawking impression, even though it was really the only question the people watching at home want answered. Until this last election cycle nobody ever cared about DNC chair elections, and the only people paying attention to this one were the ones who saw how much damage a DNC chair can do to a candidate who dares to try and place the people before the oligarchy. But not one candidate was willing to go anywhere near it.

And really, how could they? They’re not campaigning to win votes from ordinary Americans, they’re campaigning for a majority of the 447 votes that will be cast by the DNC, and it’s not hard to figure out if a few hundred people will be receptive to being told that they rigged their own primary. If word on the street is that you can't get away with saying the DNC did anything wrong in the primary, they won't so much as imply it. The people who know damn well that the primary was rigged have no say in whether or not someone who will rig it again gets elected; only the people who are deeply invested in denying that it was rigged get a say. The whole thing is set up to prevent the very changes that need to happen.

Regardless of how the candidates privately feel about the rigged primary, they were all going out of their way to communicate that nothing nefarious had happened. When fairness in primary elections was discussed, the word “perception” was used again and again: avoiding the “perception” of unfairness, the “perception” of wrongdoing, which is the same as telling Sanders supporters that they imagined the whole thing. Keith Ellison, who is looking sleazier and sleazier with each passing day, said that if he was DNC chair he’d encourage his staff to be scrupulously fair in their communications, because “what you write in an email could well end up being a headline.” Not be evenhanded; look evenhanded. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because you might get caught. South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison went so far as to assert that much of the frustration that came up in the last primary was the result of an uninformed populace not understanding how primaries work.

Again, this is the same as telling Berners that they made the whole thing up. "Now now, honey, you're imagining things again. You with that special imagination of yours!"

You get the impression that the DNC is huffing into her bangs impatiently, snapping her gum just waiting for her lame-ass tag-along nerdburger friend, the ever-trusting, ever-earnest American public, to finally get okay with rigged primaries already. She’s trying to work out how long she’s going to have to keep up this tiresome “perception” of impartiality, or if her friend is beat-down enough to not make a fuss if she just slyly gives that up that too.

Meanwhile Ellison has been schmoozing with Beelzebrock himself, the man even our ever-diplomatic Bernie charitably called “the scum of the earth” because well, he is. David Brock is the man who single-handedly lost Hillary the progressive vote by his poisonous, underhanded, vaguely-illegal-but-definitely-abusive tactics, and Ellison is still giving him the time of day. So that’s just frigging awesome, isn’t it? The one guy everyone thought would be okay is lunching with our abuser. Sweet. 

There are no signs that the DNC is going to run a fair primary in 2020, which means there is no reason at all to think that we’ll get a progressive nominated. That is over. Without a fair primary process, then it’s left up to the donors to choose and they like that nice Andrew Cuomo who does what they say. 

Then they’ll go to work giving their preferred candidate the “perception” of being progressive and abuse us until we capitulate. It won’t work. It didn’t work this time and by 2020, America is going to be even more woke and networked. 

We found out this election cycle that the DNC chair is far more powerful than the average American had previously realized, the uncrowned emperor of the entire process by which half of the candidates in a rigidly-enforced two-party system are selected. Powerful enough to schedule primaries and debates in a way that advantages one candidate over the others. Powerful enough to bully establishment network executives if their media personalities don't toe the party line hard enough. Powerful enough for Obama himself to pull strings ensuring Clinton attack poodle Wasserman Schultz was there to force Hillary through, and therefore theoretically powerful enough to help a sitting President choose a successor.

Why won’t they give the people what they want and address the questions that need addressing? Seems like so much less work, doesn’t it? I have a sneaking suspicion that this is not just about losing control, it’s about losing their lifestyle. I think their secret fear is that the gravy train is over for politicians. The politics of the future is not going to be all five-star schmoozing at lah-de-dah fundraisers in huge mansions carpeted with the hair of tiny Haitian orphans where all the poshos get to haw-haw-haw with each other over the booming roar of their own self-importance. The huge salaries and tasty kickbacks for the DNC hoi polloi are coming to an end very rapidly. 

Bernie showed us that the future is crowd-sourced candidates and that we don’t need massive one-off donations, we can do it with our phones, $27 and enthusiasm. Politicians of the future will be driven by vocation, not by ambition, by integrity and not by perception. Owning a tuxedo will not be a requirement. Bernie would have won the whole damn thing riding coach, in his blue suit, with his handwritten speeches and his taped up shoes had the thumb not been squarely applied to the scales. 

That is the future of politics on the political left. Simple, heart-driven, doing-it-for-the-love campaigns that run on people power. Not glamorous, not well paid, but enormously rewarding and energizing for those few of us chosen to serve humanity. 

And that scares the Louboutins of the DNC. They like the money. They like the lifestyle. They suckle from the man-tit of Soros like Dickensian wastrels, trying to bring succor to the hollow where their souls once were. The parties are the whole deal for them. They didn’t get into this to serve people, they got into this to serve themselves, and they don’t want to give that up.

They’re going to have to though. It’s a poisoned chalice; the more they sup, the weaker they become. The question is will they give it up before it kills them off altogether?




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