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Rachel Maddow Accidentally Reveals Establishment Plot To Force Russian Confrontation

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Maddow just spilled the beans on the whole plan, and we need to capitalize on her mistake.

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Establishment propagandist Rachel Maddow, sporting her trademarked array of “I’m so full of barely suppressed self-righteous liberal indignation I could explode any second and splatter chai latte-flavored gore all over Chris Hayes” facial expressions, has revealed a little too much a little too soon about corporate media’s plans to pressure Donald Trump into escalating tensions with Russia, and we need to shine a big, bright spotlight on that sucker.

Before we go any further I need to tap out my standard reminder that in 2013 the US government amended the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, commonly known as the Smith-Mundt Act, thereby making it legal to inflict propaganda and psy-ops upon US citizens. Americans live in a corporatist system where corruption is legal and inseparable from the political establishment, and among the most powerful of the corporations entrenched in that system are the five corporate giants who control almost all of the media in the United States. This year the NDAA which Obama signed into law last month allots a portion of the defense budget to government propaganda, so they really don’t have to hide it anymore. If you live in America and consume any mainstream media in video, audio or in print, you are consuming propaganda and government psy-ops. But as long as you remain aware that these people are the mouthpieces of the political establishment, they can give you valuable insights into what American power structures are up to. 

(Shameless plug for a recent article I wrote about how to recognize a government psy-op here.)

So you know how Obama has been deploying thousands of troops to the Russian border and we’ve been all like — that’s weird. What’s going on with that? He’s out of office in a few weeks, why the provocation when he’ll be out of office soon? Some people even wondered out loud if he was trying to get the war started so he could pull a fast one and stay in office. It just seemed way too weird to be spending money deploying troops over a few embarrassing emails, especially when those troops will be called off as soon as the new President gets in.

Well, now we know why. Maddow gave us a sneak peak of the grand plan — it’s all to blackmail Trump into going ahead with the stupid Russian confrontation. They’re going to make it so he either has to back out and look like he’s under Putin’s thumb, or be a good boy and go ahead with World War Three.

Check it out. Here’s a link to a video MSNBC released a couple days ago in which Maddow informs anyone who’s watching that if Trump pulls the US troops away from the Russian border where Obama deployed them, she and all her fellow establishment henchmen are planning to aggressively blare propaganda through all channels citing this as proof that the Kremlin has videos of Trump doing weird things with Russian prostitutes.

So there it is. Their whole plan. 

The 12-minute clip begins with Maddow detailing how the communist Soviet Union used to make a practice of bugging hotel rooms where the now-defunct KGB would spy on foreigners who stayed there. To cement the idea that the Soviet Union’s KGB is the same thing as Russia’s FSB in the minds of the viewers, Maddow points out the fact that the KGB is only two letters’ different from the FSB (I swear I’m not making this up, it’s at 3:43 of the video), then later deliberately says “the KGB— I mean, the FSB” in a mock self-correction to drive her point home. Because that’s all the proof you need on MSNBC now apparently.  

She then cites the fact that Putin is a scumbag (duh) and has used sex tapes to blackmail people in the past to lend weight to the cartoonishly unbelievable and error-rife Buzzfeed release of a former MI6 spy’s report that Donald Trump hates the Obamas so much that he paid Russian prostitutes to urinate on each other on a bed he heard they’d slept on. 

So apparently Donald Trump is a paragon of Republican family values and virtue now whose popularity couldn’t handle such a scandal. Right. You know, I don’t think whoever came up with this dross has actually talked to any Trump supporters. They’re not actually that fond of the Obamas. If this was true and it hit the headlines, 4chan would lose their minds with happiness, Pepe would bust a load all over the screens of all Americans everywhere, and the dankest of memes would flow.

So back to Maddow — having made her case using so much reach that I feared for the integrity of her arm socket, she then went on to speak of the troops Obama has been amassing along Russia’s border, lighting up with glee when she talked about how upset this provocation is making the Russians. She then wrapped up by saying, in plain English,

“And here’s the question: Is the new President gonna take those troops out? After all the speculation, after all the worry, we are actually about to find out if Russia maybe has something on the new President? We’re about to find out if the new President of our country is going to do what Russia wants once he’s Commander-in-Chief of the US military starting noon on Friday. What is he gonna do with those deployments? Watch this space.” 

A graphic with the words “WE’LL BE WATCHING!” accompanied these words, just to really give it that authentic 1984 flavor.

So the overlay of this is simple and obvious: viewers are being brainwashed into subscribing to the false dichotomy that either (A) Trump wants to escalate things with Russia, or (B) Russia has footage of Trump watching prostitutes urinate on a bed the Obamas slept in one time, and is using it to blackmail Trump into standing down. 

It can’t possibly be that the amassment of troops along Russia’s border is an idiotic, useless provocation that benefits nobody except the few plutocrats who profit from renewed Cold War pressures and secured dollar hegemony. It can’t possibly be that the reason given for the escalation is absurd, since Crimea was annexed nearly three years ago and it makes no sense to suddenly begin ramping things up now after all this time. It can’t possibly be because the oligarchy’s butt hurt over Syria isn’t worth starting World War 3 over. It can’t possibly be because it’s a good idea for two nuclear superpowers to try and get along. Nope. A or B. 

But a little less obvious is the fact that they’ve given away their whole play, which is a major tactical error that we can exploit by bringing lots of attention to it right now. In their mad rush to rally the masses and dog whistle their double-blackmail to the Trump administration, Maddow came in a little too early and detailed the whole play. I guess she thought we would keep it on the down low for her. 

Well no Rachel, sorry love, just seeing you burst with excitement over the prospect of war with Russia has me questioning your sanity anyway. That really turned my guts, I have to say. I hate seeing people get turned on by killing people at the best of times, but when it’s someone who pretends to be on your side, it’s particularly creepy. And now you want us to play along with your weirdo double blackmail plan? 

Ummm, how about no. How about we start pointing at your transparent psy-op and loudly telling people what you’re planning to do and how you’re trying to manipulate them. How about we break your spell right here and now by pointing out over and over again what you’re trying to slip into the public’s mental mojito and how it benefits nobody but you and your plutocrat bosses. How about we start ringing alarm bells and throwing some light on what you and your fellow manipulators are trying to do in the shadows. You and I both know that you can only work your magic when people aren’t looking directly at your tricks. How about we help them look.

You people have lost your minds. No sane person wants your stupid war. If Trump rolls back the troops, that will just be because he’s saner than you. 

And isn’t that sad. 




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