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Here’s To All You True Progressives Who’ve Stayed Sane While Your Liberal Friends Lost Their Minds

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You starry-eyed rebels are saving the world.

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The easiest thing in the world is to be right when everyone else is telling you you’re right. The hardest thing in the world is being right when everyone else is telling you you’re wrong.

I pen this article today not to provide you with any new information, nor to present any compelling arguments on any particular issue, but simply to give accolades where accolades are due. If you are one of the members of the political left who have managed not to get sucked into the fearmongering, red-baiting, wedge issues and identity politics of this last election cycle and the fallout therefrom (and if you are you will know exactly what I’m talking about), I salute you and thank you on behalf of our planet and our species.

I implore you not to take this lightly. Just because I’m not bringing anything new to the table right now doesn’t mean I’m not saying something extremely important. In a world full of government psy-ops, corporate media propaganda and establishment lies, a little validation goes a long, long way. Please feel my words and let them go all the way in to your guts and your marrow: THANK YOU. Thank you for staying so brave and so true in the face of such aggressive opposition. Thank you for your integrity. This isn’t easy. You’re doing a very noble thing instead of doing the easy thing. Thank you.

Humans are primates, which are among the most social creatures in the entire animal kingdom. The drive to get along well with the members of our tribe is deeply hardwired into our genetic conditioning, and rightly so: until very, very recently in our evolutionary history, our very survival depended upon it. Being an outcast meant no protection from predators, limited access to food, and the risk of attacks from other tribe members. It was essentially a death sentence, so we don’t have any ancestors in our deep history who couldn’t get along with the tribe, since those primates would have been eliminated from the gene pool. Offending our tribe goes against every fiber of our genetic conditioning; it sets off deeply programmed survival alarm bells that are just as real and hardwired as hunger or fear. It hurts.

And yet, here we are. Losing friends and gaining enemies in the face of all that conditioning because betraying our truth and being inauthentic would hurt even more. Getting called everything from traitors to racists to sexists to Russian agents to Trump supporters to Nazis because we refuse to subscribe to the official narrative of the neoliberal political establishment. There is quite literally no accusation you could level against a tender-hearted lefty that is more hurtful to them than an accusation of hateful bigotry, but vocal progressives who refuse to be bullied into submission will often receive these accusations on a daily basis simply for pointing out the evils within the Democratic party. 

Just remember that for every one person getting in your face screaming at you to get back in line, there are many others listening in and silently agreeing with you. Truth resonates and there are many nodding along internally. They’re too scared to speak out and get the same treatment, but every one of your words fortifies them more. They see what you’re seeing but they need to keep their job/get a job, or stay in good with their partner/peers/family/workmates. They see that we are being exiled, abused, demoted, and censored for our views. They can’t afford that right now but they hear us, and when they realize how many there are of us, one by one they will start chiming in too. 

Keep speaking out my starry-eyed rebels. One of the most interesting things for me about Bernie Sanders’ recent town hall was when he asked this question — “How many people believe we should give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top one percent? And then cut Social Security and Medicare? Please raise your hand.”

Then he turned to the dark wizard himself, CNN’s Chris Cuomo (a man who had just masterfully snuck in the phrase that Biden “doesn't think 500 billionaires are behind every problem that America has” when it had nothing to do with anything anyone was saying, in one of his sneaky word assaults where he slips in one of his poisonous ideas like a magician slips in the number of the card he wants you to choose) and asked him  “Chris, what's the answer? Did you see any hands going up?” 

Cuomo had to say, “None.” 

We’re not alone. We’re not even not alone; we’re the majority. The majority of people want a peaceful existence with their needs taken care of and a bright future for their kids. That’s it. That’s the entirety of their wants, across the board, whether they voted Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green or Harambe, they all want that and they all voted with that one desire in mind.

They don’t want wars in countries they can’t place on a map to put more zeroes at the end of some shady dude’s bank statement, unless someone lies to them and tells them that’s how they can get the security they hanker for. They don’t want to kill other people’s children so a few men can install their guy as President and diddle their banking system, but they will pretend to want it if someone tells them that someday it might mean not having to worry about the bills or their own children. 

None of the things we are told to care about benefit the average American, and those few who it does benefit know this. So a “business opportunity” like Iraq gets spun as making America more secure, even when clearly it does the opposite. I don’t need to go on, I know that you know. You’ve seen it all; you’ve watched how they starve average Americans of resources with one hand, and with the other turn their desire to make money out of death, munitions and oil into something shiny that will save Americans from the starvation that they are deliberately creating. 

My point is — no one wants this. If the electorate were told the truth behind what is going on, all support for it would drop instantly.  When you speak out, your words ring true, and although it incites the defenses of the tribe, it resonates anyway. People are listening and they are silently willing you on; they just don’t want to get exiled from the tribe like they see happening to us. Remember that you are pretty smart and you can defend yourself eloquently, but they probably don’t have those tools and they know they wouldn’t last as long. We’re doing this for them too. We have to keep going. 

But it’s tough; it’s scary and sometimes you might even fear for your life. I just want you to know that I see you. I see you doing this amazing thing and you are awesome. Thank you for standing strong and true in the face of a tsunami of gaslighting and hostility. The world needs you now more than ever, but there are few who can appreciate the enormous daily task you’re undertaking and the selfless motivation from which it springs. I want you to know that I do. 

And I thank you.




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