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Dear Political Establishment: We Will Never, Ever Forget About The DNC Leaks

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Progressives will keep the DNC scandal on the foreground of public consciousness no matter how much Russian fearmongering the establishment does.

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On October 17th, 2014, Philadelphia Magazine ran a short article featuring a poor-quality video that someone had uploaded onto YouTube of a stand-up comedian reminding his audience of something the public had forgotten. A few weeks later, Bill Cosby was the most hated man in America.

Numerous rape allegations had cropped up against Cosby over his decades in the public spotlight, but in the overwhelming 24/7 news media barrage, those allegations kept getting lost in the shuffle. A new accusation would appear, it would generate a modest amount of public interest, and then it would be replaced by a fresher, shinier headline that generated more interest and ad revenue. Sometimes the stories disappeared on their own, sometimes they disappeared with Cosby’s help, but in any case, they never stayed in public attention long enough for people to begin associating America’s favorite father figure with rape. Amnesia kept saving him.

All that changed when someone recorded Hannibal Buress joking on stage about how annoying it is that Bill Cosby is so condescending toward other black people when he rapes women. He told his incredulous audience to google “Bill Cosby rape” when they got home if they didn’t believe him. And that’s all it took; what brought Cosby down was essentially a viral Google search. People started looking it up, they started talking about what they found online, eventually the legacy media caught up with the interest, and now his name is inseparable from the word “rapist”. Not for something he did in 2014, but for things he had already done that the public had simply forgotten about.

We need to make it very clear to the Democratic establishment that we will all work together to serve as the Hannibal Buress of the DNC scandal. We will never let societal amnesia allow the public to forget how the people who were bound by their Charter to ensure a fair and evenhanded Democratic primary were caught red-handed actively trying to sabotage the campaign of of an anti-establishment candidate in favor or a pro-establishment candidate. 

It’s absolutely essential that we do this, because the political establishment is doing everything in its power to make people forget. The amnesia effect was not unknown to Bill Cosby’s agents, and it’s certainly not unknown to the ruling elites of the most powerful nation on earth. They know that if they can throw enough white noise in America’s memory to dim its awareness of the way the scales are weighted to betray the average American, the DNC scandal will cease to have relevance in the way people vote and mobilize in the future. We cannot let this happen. We will not let this happen.

To this day, the elites of the Democratic party are doing everything they can to avoid addressing the DNC’s brazen assault on American democracy the way everyone knows they should. In any sort of functional democratic political system this outrageous scandal would have been met with unequivocal condemnation from the top to the bottom, with the President personally overseeing a complete overhaul of the Committee and all the party’s leaders apologizing profusely to the American people and doing everything they could to make it better, including a complete re-do of the primary under close, stringent oversight. Instead they’re babbling about Russian hackers and trying desperately to get the average American to care about Kremlin operatives more than they care about having to work three jobs to make ends meet in the Walmart economy.

Speaking for myself, I will bring this up at every opportunity. Chalk it up to my Celtic lineage, but buddy, I know how to hold a grudge. I don’t care if CNN releases a sex tape of Donald Trump getting spanked by Vladimir Putin and calling him “daddy bear”; I will not forget what they did. The Democratic party made a promise to the American people with a completely revised DNC Charter in order to prevent a Demexit after the 1968 fiasco, and in 2016, they broke that promise. They colluded with the Clinton campaign, they colluded with the media, they scheduled debates and primaries in a way to advantage the establishment candidate, all so that they could keep their toxic, oppressive corporatist policies in place. We will never let anyone forget this.

In a recent interview with Amy Goodman, Bernie Sanders said he believes that corporate media refused to cover his historic and groundbreaking campaign because Donald Trump’s vitriolic tweets made for better headlines than talking about about American income and wealth inequality. I don’t say this often, but Bernie is dead wrong. They didn’t refuse to cover him because his campaign didn’t make exciting news; the massive audiences he was packing into stadiums were themselves extremely newsworthy. Don’t tell me crowds of tens of thousands roaring in enthusiastic approval as the status quo is condemned in the largest bloodless revolution America has ever seen isn’t worthy of extensive coverage. No. The media blackout on Sanders (which a Harvard study found did indeed cripple his campaign) was because the corporate media giants didn’t want a U.S. President threatening their cushy tax breaks and deregulations and inextricable entanglement with political power to help the drowning American populace. In a corporatist government, corporations are as much a part of the government as the politicians they install into office, and Bernie Sanders was unmistakably a threat to corporatism.

Bernie Sanders fought his heart out to help the American people, and unlike Hillary Clinton he never stopped fighting when his presidential campaign was over. He is fighting for the average person struggling to keep a roof over their heads in the richest nation in the history of civilization, and the DNC collaborated with corporate media and the Clinton campaign to stop him. That is monstrous. That is unforgivable. 

I'm always running into Democratic party loyalists who try to tell me to let bygones be bygones and that it's time for everyone on the political left to focus on fighting Trump now. This will not happen. The days of the placid, forgiving progressive are over. Our gentleness and good-heartedness has been too extensively exploited by people who only care about power for us to allow that to continue. We will never forget, we will never forgive. We will keep pointing at the demons that were exposed in 2016 until they are exorcised from America forever. 




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