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Opposing The Democratic Establishment Doesn’t Make Someone Pro-Trump, You Binary Dimwits

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Democratic party loyalists like to smear any progressive who criticizes the establishment as a Trump supporter, and it’s got to stop.

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If one more low-information, high-confidence Hillary voter shows up on my page calling me a Trump supporter, I’m going to flip out and convert my Newslogue account into a smutty anime fan fiction blog and change my username to Kitty Kuddles. This obnoxious “either you’re with us or you're with the enemy” binary attitude that Democratic party loyalists have been bullying people with has got to stop, because it’s killing political discourse. I’ve spoken with countless people who feel like they can’t publicly say anything at all that runs counter to the liberal media storyline, like the insane “fake news” slogan or all the frantic red-baiting Russia hate, because they don’t want to be accused of supporting Trump and called a white supremacist Republitard by their pro-establishment liberal acquaintances in their various social circles.

I am now convinced that it is generally not an innocent mistake when they do this. In reality, the idea that criticizing the Democratic establishment makes you a Trump supporter is just one more of the many, many ways that these obnoxious bullies try to cajole, gaslight and intimidate progressives into sitting down and shutting up. No progressive is going to enjoy being told that they support a Republican demagogue, and pro-establishment liberals know if they say that to us with enough authority and conviction it can make us so uncomfortable we go silent. If that still doesn’t work, they call us “privileged”, they call us white supremacists, they call us fascists, they call us Nazis. It’s not hard to make a sensitive lefty’s knees buckle with words like that.

So they make us shut up, and they get to keep things exactly as they are. The neoliberal oligarchs get to keep raking in the cash with their ecocidal warmongering exploitation, and the rank-and-file establishment loyalists don’t have to deal with the psychological confrontation of admitting that they’ve been completely wrong about everything this whole time. Everyone wins except planet Earth and everyone who lives on it. 

It’s painful watching my progressive brothers and sisters trying to deal with this dynamic, struggling to speak their truth while simultaneously trying to avoid the wrath of the Podesta Police. Progressive voices I respect and admire often go far out of their way to spend exactly half their posts, videos and articles decrying Trump’s cabinet picks or whatever (because CNN liberals are apparently still shocked that a Republican president elect is making Republican cabinet decisions) just so they can feel safe enough to timidly suggest that maybe Elizabeth Warren could have said something about Standing Rock back when people were getting assaulted and hospitalized by militarized police forces. 

“See?” they seem to be saying. “I’m fighting that guy you hate too! Can I please have permission to say something about Donna Brazile now?”

We shouldn’t have to do that. We shouldn’t have to placate and appease a bunch of bullies who just don’t want to be inconvenienced by facing the reality of what their party has become. Plenty of progressives like me recognize that Obama is still the big man in charge until January 20th, and see that the major obstacle to real progressive change is not the Republicans but the powerful Democrats who refuse to stop kowtowing to the corporatist plutocrats and give the Republicans a real fight. We’re allowed to focus on that without being accosted by a bunch of armchair liberals telling us that means we hate Mexicans.

Even my last article about how crazy it is to believe what the CIA says because they’re all a bunch of lying thugs elicited a few accusations of Trump support, and it says nothing whatsoever in support of Trump. It’s just a very common sense attitude to have about a group of torturers, assassins and psy-ops manipulators, but I still had some guy make the comment “The Bernie or Bust people are on board with Trump now? Figures.” 

No, it doesn’t work that way. Saying the CIA are liars doesn’t mean I’m “on board with Trump” any more than saying there’s no Santa Clause means I want to open a joint checking account with the Easter Bunny. It’s just a normal thing that grown adults with fully-formed brains tend to say.

The government is lying to us and the legacy media is helping them, and that isn’t okay, and we do get to say so. If anyone tries to bully and manipulate us into falling in line, they deserve to be opposed loudly and aggressively. Anyone who tries to take your voice away has extended themselves way out of bounds. They need a big fat boundary set up for them, and they need to be told boldly and unequivocally that they are not permitted to cross that boundary. Progressives have historically struggled to set clear boundaries with people, and it’s one of the major reasons we don’t have more political power right now. We’re too gentle and soft, too easy to shout down, cajole and manipulate, and that needs to change. We’re right, we know it, and we should never back down. The only people interested in stopping us from shining our bright lights are the people with a vested interest in keeping things in the dark.

Keep shining.




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