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Forget Islam— Political Centrists Are The Most Dangerous Extremists In America

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By trying to elect Hillary Clinton and risking a world war with a nuclear superpower, centrists proved that they're far more dangerous than any other radical extremists.

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So once again we’ve had another scary and highly-publicized attack by a Muslim immigrant, and as usual the Republicans are doing their usual “deport them all” schtick, to which Democrats are reflexively responding by making a big show of hugging Muslim Americans and telling them they’re part of the tribe. Meanwhile I’m glaring angrily at the Democrats (my favorite hobby lately) thinking “Why are you coming to them as magnanimous protectors? You’re way more dangerous than they are.”

I mean, these people just came entirely too close to getting us all killed.

It amazes me that America is not yet as a nation publicly discussing how close we all just came to entering into a world war with a nuclear superpower. Hillary Clinton was with uncharacteristic consistency stating in plain English for month after month that as Commander-in-Chief she was going to set up a no-fly zone in Syria, an action which a top U.S. general confidently told the Senate Armed Services Committee would require America to go to war with Russia. It’s hard to imagine coming to any other conclusion, since Russian military planes are currently conducting operations in Syria at the request of the Assad regime fighting the various factions of radical Islamist rebels. In order to control the airspace over Aleppo, the U.S. military would necessarily have to shoot down Syrian and Russian military planes and probably bomb their air bases as well. This could not lead to anything other than a full-on military confrontation with Russia, Syria, and almost certainly some or all of their allies. 

Clinton was giving every indication that she was preparing to go this way. She openly said she wanted “military responses” for the alleged Russian cyber-attacks, sabre-rattling and talking tough about Putin more and more often with greater and greater aggression in the exact same way Bush was talking about Saddam in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion, to the same consistent affirmations and validations of the corporate media. And the rank-and-file Democrats I spoke with played right along with this. 

It’s no surprise that Hillary’s plutocrat bosses want to use America’s military might to smack Russia and ultimately China into line (they’re both moving away from the USD as a reserve currency and buying up gold like crazy), but it was really surprising to see normal citizens who identify as liberals and progressives constantly spouting xenophobic anti-Russian sentiments and accusing everyone who disliked Hillary of being an agent of the Kremlin. These people were ready to follow their fearless leader into the greatest nightmare humanity could possibly conjure up for itself, and feeling good about themselves for doing it. 

World War 2 claimed the lives of 60 million people, or 3% of the world population in 1940 (about 2.3 billion). If a world war killed that percentage again today, the death toll would be 222 million. And humans have gotten much, much better at killing each other since WWII.

Far more terrifying, this would have been the first time the world ever saw two nuclear superpowers at full-scale war with each other. Officially, Russia has some 7,300 nuclear warheads, and America has about 7,100. The further into conflict these two nations would have gotten, the greater the probability of a nuke being deployed in the chaos of war, either accidentally, on purpose, or some mixture of the two due to the unforeseen circumstances which would necessarily emerge in an unpredictable conflict. 

Democrats tried to unleash that terror upon our species this year by supporting Hillary Clinton, and many establishment Republicans tried to help them. The so-called “centrists” (a term which only exists because of where neoliberalism arbitrarily happens to sit in the false left-right political dichotomy) have become horrifyingly radicalized.

Luckily, these omnicidal maniacs failed to do what they were trying to do. The Clinton dynasty is doomed to fade into obsolescence, Hillary faces an insurmountable number of legal obstacles in the extremely unlikely event that enough election fraud is revealed in the recounts to give her a case for challenging the results of the election, and the idea that enough “faithless electors” will be willing to go against the vote of their own community and cause a civil war by handing it to Clinton is a joke. It will not happen. Praise be to Allah, Jesus and Kek, the Clinton threat has been nullified, and now we have the luxury of worrying about the surprisingly less terrifying threat of a reality TV star who doesn’t believe in global warming becoming the leader of the free world.

But that doesn’t change the fact that it almost happened. Political centrists nearly plunged us into a world war at best and a nuclear holocaust at worst, and we’re still somehow standing around acting like that didn’t just happen. 

This is crazy. When Grandpa starts getting lost and swerving toward oncoming traffic, you start hiding Grandpa’s keys. Those of us on the so-called “far left” and “far right” need to do what we need to do to make sure these people never, ever gain enough power and leverage to try a stunt like that again.

Neoliberalism is being rejected more and more all over the world. Unfortunately for us progressives, it happens to be dying off much faster on the political right than on the political left in America. The neocons (which is what neoliberals are called when they’re pandering to the right) are on their way out the door, the Bush dynasty is as done as the Clintons’, and the Republicans just brought a candidate who ran on a populist, anti-globalism platform to the head of American government. Trump’s promises to punish companies for moving jobs overseas, tear up predatory trade agreements and place America before corporations flies right in the face of the longstanding deregulate/privatize neoliberal policies which have enabled corporatism to develop its brutal stranglehold upon the American people, and if he follows through with those promises he’s going to upset a lot of oligarchs, no matter how low he sets their tax rates. If he refuses to use war to prop up the U.S. dollar and control the fossil fuel industry, he’ll upset them a whole lot more. Either way, we can expect most Republicans to pretty much fall in line with their new leader and his way of doing things. They always do.

So the neoliberal agenda appears to be growing deeper roots in the Democratic party to make up for its lost ground in the GOP, which is why we saw the Bushes and many other old-guard Republicans supporting Clinton over Trump. It’s going to be an uphill battle for progressives to pull out those roots, especially since so few on the American left have any idea what’s really happening; most of them still think Hillary was far less dangerous than Trump and this whole upheaval has something to do with racism and homophobia. In reality, this is about the disease of neoliberalism (also known as globalism because of the immense border-transcending power that ideology gives to multinational corporations and banks with no loyalty to any nation) being vomited out by the collective human consciousness all over the world. The survival of our species depends on the American political left doing its part to join in with those heaves, and we’re all going to have to figure out a way to get the centrists to stop trying to get us all killed and see that.

Progressivism and socialism have a lot to offer the world, and neither libertarianism nor the various factions of nationalism we’re seeing develop in the Republican party have any viable answers for impending problems like global warming or massive job loss due to increased automation. We’re the only ones with realistic solutions to those problems, but we’re going to have to pry the black tentacles of corporatism off of the U.S. government before we’ll be able to use it as a tool to achieve those ends. Until then it’s perfectly understandable for the political right to criticize progressivism’s dependence on big government, because no one alive has ever known an American government that wasn’t enslaved to corporatist interests. Once we’ve purged neoliberalism from our system and flushed it down the toilet where it belongs, however, progressives will be the only ones on the political market with real solutions to the very real problems we’ll be facing. A lot's going to have to shift in order for us to get there, though.




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