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I Support The Recounts Because I'm Not An Obnoxious Hypocrite

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No matter how much we may hate Hillary Clinton, there is no valid reason to oppose a closer look at what happened in the voting booths on November 8th.

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I despise Hillary Clinton. She’s an appallingly corrupt liar and manipulator who not only loves war, but also sucks at it. She’s actively pushed for disastrous military blunder after disastrous military blunder throughout her entire political career, and she was very plainly gearing up for a war with Russia under the assumption that she’d be the next Commander-in-Chief. As a mother of two I was immensely relieved to know that my two teenaged children were no longer at risk of being drafted into a third world war or dying in a potential nuclear holocaust as a result of that confrontation, and that my planet is safe from the exploitative corporatist disaster that was the TPP. It was like the weight of the world fell off my shoulders knowing that all we have to worry about now is the scary unknown commodity that is Donald Trump.

That said, I fully support Jill Stein’s recount initiative. Why? Because I’m not an obnoxious, hypocritical crypto-fascist, that’s why. 

And if you don’t support the recounts, that’s exactly what you are. You, like me, were happy with the election results, but, unlike me, you’re willing to flush any effort to add transparency to the democratic process right down the toilet. Shame on you if that’s true. I strongly urge you to reexamine your approach to life.

Nothing at this time is more important than restoring government transparency and the power of the vote. The power of the vote is essential because until Americans have a full voice in what happens to their country, the steering wheel is in the hands of the oligarchs. Government transparency is essential because as long as the government is lying to us and the media is helping them (as WikiLeaks showed us is currently the case), voting is meaningless because Americans can’t even see what they’re voting for. The foremost priority above all else is to cease allowing politicians to have “a public position and a private position” on what they’ll do with America’s taxes, resources and military personnel, and to completely eliminate the possibility of any more rigged primaries and rigged elections. Investigating our electoral process is a good step in that direction.

All the recounts mean is that more light will be shed upon the democratic process. There becomes a greater chance of finding any manipulations and wrongdoings that may have happened as part of the process, which we should all want. If you don’t want that, you’re an enemy of democracy; you only like democracy when it suits you, and when it doesn’t you want it to be manipulated and any attempts to highlight that manipulation silenced. If you were in control you’d manipulate elections in your favor every time.

I trust the light more than I trust my own manipulations. You should too, whether you’re a Green, a Bernie-or-Buster, or a Trump supporter. It’s highly unlikely that any difference will be made in the election results anyway; Trump won by such a huge electoral margin that Clinton would have to be found conclusively to have won all three states being contested, and then the Dems would have to win a brutal legal battle to have those findings override every result in each state. I’ve heard many strong arguments from both sides that the other was manipulating election results, so we may find out that they were both in fact cheating and that Trump’s goons were just better at it, which would of course be hilarious. Either way, all shady dealings get exposed, which we should all want.

I should clarify at this point that the opposite is true of Hillary supporters; they’re obnoxious hypocrites if they support the recount. They mocked Trump and his supporters relentlessly for suggesting that the Democrats might try to rig the general election like they rigged their own primary, and before that they mocked us Berners even more cruelly for complaining about that rigged primary. They called us crybabies, petulant children, kept telling us to shut up and fall in line with their illicitly-nominated candidate even after the DNC leaks revealed that the people responsible for ensuring a fair primary had been actively conspiring against our Bernie in violation of their Charter. They’ve been bullying, cajoling and gaslighting everyone who mentions election-rigging, and they were unbelievably mean about it, but now that their “inevitable” candidate lost, they’re all in favor of a recount.

So they’re already hypocrites. That said, a hypocrite is still better than someone who tries to thwart democracy and government transparency, so it’s ultimately better that they support the recounts, too. Everyone should.

I love Jill Stein. I love her so much, and I’m so grateful to her for yet again stepping up to the hard, thankless job that nobody else wants. The Green Party has an extensive history of pushing for transparency and democracy when everybody else is trying to keep things covered in shadows, and it’s fortunate for us that there are still a few people who aren’t afraid of the light of truth.

We can trust truth, America. We can trust the light. What we can’t trust is our own egotistical desire to manipulate and control things out of fear and identity politics. If we choose truth instead of deceit and push for light instead of dark at every chance, there’s no way we can go wrong.




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