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Obama Was A Horrible President, And Progressives Need To Stop Pretending That He Wasn't

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All the Biden bro memes in the world won't change the fact that Obama is a terrible human being and a lousy president.

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I haven't picked on Obama enough lately, which is a shame because if the progressive revolution is to have a fighting chance we need to be crystal clear about how very much he stands against everything we're fighting for. You can't win a war if you don't know where your enemy is, and you can't overthrow the evils of the establishment if you're not clear where it starts and ends. Nobody who stands by the horrible things Obama did during his presidency is on our side. Period.

There are still a lot of progressives who woke up during the Sanders movement, and as a result are still suffering from the delusion that President Hillary would have been awful, but Obama wasn't so bad. The lie that his horrible decisions were the result of an obstructionist congress is still largely subscribed to by the political left, and, perhaps due to sexism, perhaps due to white guilt, or perhaps due to sheer ignorance and short-sightedness, many progressives who recognized Hillary's evil still feel as though Obama did okay.

Well, he did not do okay, and any politician who says that he did is lying to you. Obama was a horrible president, and we need to do everything we can to make sure such parasites no longer infiltrate our movement or exploit our enthusiasm and good intentions. We also need to keep track of which politicians speak favorably of him and try to bandy about his “successful" presidency as a reason to support them, because those are the ones we need to cast out. 

President Barack Obama has always been a corporate crony who will do whatever the plutocrats tell him to. How do we know this? Because that’s exactly what he did. And no, contrary to the popular urban legend that the left has accepted as fact, it was not because he got into office and found that he had to make compromises to get things done. 

A WikiLeaks release, which to this day has not gotten nearly as much coverage as it deserves, shows that before he was even elected, Obama’s cabinet had been hand-selected for him by an executive from Citigroup, the corporate owner of Citibank. Those cabinet members were responsible for making such decisions as not punishing any of the Wall Street criminals responsible for the 2008 crash that caused so much suffering for so many Americans, and for the secretive way the now-dead predatory trade deal, the TPP, was legislated.

This one email should have already completely obliterated Obama’s reputation with the political left. It was released well over a month ago, and should have dispelled any and all illusions that Obama has been working in the interest of the American people, but because real journalism is dead and the corporate media is now the propaganda machine for the neoliberal/neoconservative agenda, only a small minority of Americans are aware of its existence. It’s going to be up to us progressive rebels to help change that, by the way. This is something every American should be acutely aware of.

Clearly an obstructionist congress cannot be blamed for Obama’s decision to allow a plutocratic henchman to dictate the makeup of his cabinet more than a month before he was even elected. Nor can it be blamed for his decision to continue and expand on Bush’s horrific imperialist foreign policy. Nor can it be blamed for Obama’s decision to let Hillary Clinton create a failed state in Libya, costing tens of thousands of lives, causing mass migrations and increased terrorist activity. Nor can it be blamed for his decision to bomb twice as many countries as Bush did, dropping 23,144 bombs on Muslim-majority countries in 2015 alone. Nor can it be blamed for his decision to increase spending on nuclear weapons by an unprecedented trillion dollars. Nor can it be blamed for his decision to expand the U.S. drone program in what Noam Chomsky calls “the most extreme terrorist campaign of modern times.” Nor can it be blamed for his decision to expand the Patriot Act, prosecute more whistleblowers than any other administration, or institute the Orwellian NSA surveillance program.

Obama has been a horrible president. He’s spent America’s fortune killing thousands upon thousands of human beings with hopes, dreams and families because that’s what his wealthy sponsors wanted. His much-touted “economic recovery” affected only urban areas, leaving the rest of America looking like a third-world country in some places, ravaged by Obama’s buddies at Walmart and the plutocratic drivers of the Walmart economy. His crowning achievement was passing a healthcare bill that was written by and with health insurance companies, which is going to increase in cost by 24% next year

Obama was Bush 2.0, and the candidate the Democrats just tried to sneak into the White House would have been Bush 3.0. We need to stop letting these horrible people gain footholds in American politics. We urgently need to begin educating our progressive friends and neighbors about the reality of what these creeps have been up to, because God knows their cronies in the legacy media sure won’t.




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