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The Scariest Thing About Trump Is That We’ve Still Got No Way Of Replacing Him In 2020

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The ruling elites of the Democratic party will let Trump win reelection before they'll give progressives any power.

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A year after Bernie Sanders was lighting the nation on fire teaching the political left about oligarchy and plutocracy from sea to shining sea, mainstream Democrats are right back to thinking that all of America’s problems are caused by bigotry and Republicans. Not one of the Democratic party loyalists I interact with who scold me for not falling in line with Bernie in his call to unify against Trump has ever made mention of the “handful of millionaires and billionaires” who rule their country that Sanders brought up hundreds of times along the campaign trail. They talk about racism, bigotry, misogyny, and Russia. Sanders shattered a longstanding taboo by using the word “oligarchy” in reference to America’s political system on national television, but that powerful lesson has become marginalized in favor of McResistance sloganeering.

This is, of course, not an accident. The Democratic establishment has been working overtime to keep its progressive base staring at the propaganda screen with Clockwork Orange-style confinement so they won’t notice the very blatantly obvious fact that they have every intention of repeating their exact same 2016 strategy in 2020. The Democratic party’s primary goal is not to take back power from the Republicans. That goal is secondary at best. No, the number one priority of the Democratic party’s ruling elites is to keep real progressives from taking control of the United States government.

Under Trump’s Republican party, the plutocrats who currently own both of America’s major political parties are sitting far more comfortably than they would ever be in the event of a progressive takeover. It is still the case that ordinary American voters have essentially zero influence over what legislation gets passed on Capitol Hill, as shown by a 2014 Princeton University study. It is still the case that the interests of multinational corporations and banks are being placed above the interests of the American citizen. It is still the case that taxpayer money is being funneled into the military industrial complex instead of providing those taxpayers with the same basic standards of living possessed by everyone else in every other major country in the world. This is why the Democratic establishment was willing to risk handing Trump the election in order to sabotage the campaign of the only progressive in their primaries, and it’s why they’re doing everything they can to ensure that they can run another warmongering corporatist rainbow flag neocon in 2020.

There are many scary things about the current administration, but by far the scariest is that all major paths to replace him with an acceptable candidate in 2020 are being actively obstructed by the self-proclaimed people’s party. It wasn’t an “oopsie, silly me” mistake when the DNC killed Sanders’ campaign, it wasn’t an “oopsie, silly me” mistake when the DNC installed establishment extremist Tom Perez over the compromise candidate Keith Ellison, and it’s not an “oopsie, silly me” mistake that the Perez transition committee is virtually devoid of Sanders-wing progressives. House minority leader/Tim Burton claymation figure Nancy Pelosi told us the whole story when she said she didn’t think Democrats want their party to change— they’re not going to. Why would they? They’ve built their entire careers on propping up the oligarchy; it’s all they know and it’s all they’ve got.

So they’ll either let the Republicans stay in control, or they’ll replace them with something even worse. Electing Hillary Clinton would have guaranteed a no-fly zone in Syria, which top military officials attested would have necessitated an all-out war with both Syria and Russia. As bad as Trump is, a world war with a nuclear superpower is unquestionably worse. That was what was on the menu in 2016, and we’re being shown every indication that something very similar will be on the menu in 2020. The Democrat/neocon coalition is still banging its war drums at Russia and still salivating over the toppling of the Assad government, and we are seeing a deliberate effort to suck all oxygen away from any initiative to move the Democratic party one iota to the left. They will keep herding leftward-inclined Americans into their worthless McResistance, where they will be instructed to focus on immigration bans and Russia instead of on the people who are deliberately keeping them imprisoned in a party that refuses to work for them.

It’s time to start turning around and facing your captors, progressives. The ruling elites of your party don’t fear Trump, they fear you. They fear you discovering your true power and coming together to demand that they start working for you instead of the oligarchs. A true progressive takeover of American politics would transform the entire world into something sane and beautiful and bring health and harmony to all of humanity. We can have this. There are people whose job it is to keep you from seeing this, but we can. Stop placing your trust in the ruling Democratic elites who’ve been exploiting you for money and votes, stop listening to their corporate media mouthpieces who get paid millions of dollars a year to lie to you, and stop accepting anything other than complete and total loyalty to you and your wellbeing from the people who have the great privilege of governing your nation.




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