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The Russia Nonsense Is Dead. Can We PLEASE Start Focusing On Real Issues Now?

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Democratic party loyalists were completely wrong about everything. We were right. They need to shut up and start listening to us.

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For months I’ve been criticizing the way liberals have been manipulated into cheering for the known liars at the CIA and the completely unproven accusations of collusion between Russia and Trump in the 2016 election. We are now four and a half months past that election, and to this day the primary focus of Trump’s chief opposition has been on this idiotic Russia conspiracy theory, sucking all the oxygen from real, non-imaginary issues like Trump’s massive slashing of social programs, illegally pouring troops into sovereign nations to meddle in their affairs, and giving the CIA even more power with its drone assassination program, just to pick a few headlines from the last week alone. Can we please start focusing on those actual, real-life, non-fantasyland, existentially tangible issues that are really happening on the actual physical plane we’re living on in actual three-dimensional reality right now?

The Russia conspiracy theory is dead. I’ve been saying it’s dead for a while now, but people are finally starting to see it for themselves. As soon as people start pointing and laughing at something, its legs have been taken out from under it. The gravitational pull of seriousness has been taken away, and it’s just this cartoonish thing floating around in broad daylight for everyone to see and laugh at. When in the space of a couple of days you’ve got Steve Colbert doing a sketch mocking Rachel Maddow’s idiotic conspiratorial McCarthyist ramblings, John McCain going postal on the Senate floor accusing his peer of being a Russian agent for opposing NATO expansionism, and Glenn Greenwald eviscerating all hope of anyone ever finding evidence of election collusion between Trump and Russia (without which the entire Russia argument collapses), we’ve hit critical mass. It’s dead.

And, I told you so. We all told you so, my lovely Democratic party loyalists. We clear-eyed progressives are better at this than you are, and it’s time for you to hand us the wheel, because you’re really, really bad at driving. While you were all squawking about Vladimir Putin and having vanity politics parades in your vagina hats, we were pointing at very real problems like the DNC chair election, where the Democratic party poised itself to keep repeating the exact same election-losing mistakes it made in 2016. While you were all giving the ridiculous Rachel Maddow her highest ratings since 2008 with your addiction to her fact-free, lie-filled tirades, we were standing in the background saying “Uhh, guys? That’s not gonna work!”

You were wrong, we were right. We know what’s best for the political left, you don’t. The Democratic party just ran a candidate who campaigned on a promise to attack the Russian air force in Syria if elected, and they’re still going out of their way to try and escalate tensions with that exact same nuclear superpower. This is stupid, useless, suicidal and ecocidal, and it needs to stop, immediately. You were wrong to uplift that horrible candidate after your party’s brazen assault on American democracy, and you are wrong to keep uplifting a political establishment that refuses to learn and refuses to change. Trump is now in office because of you, and because of you he may win reelection due to your insane laser-point focus on a doomed issue when you could have been fixing the problem. 

You inept fools played right into Trump’s hands. While you could have been mounting a legitimate counteroffensive, he had you boxing imaginary shadows in the corner. This guy’s committing political suicide by trying to slash the paltry amount of funding the government was providing for Meals on Wheels, leaving himself wide open to a crushing knockout blow two months into his presidency, and you drooling idiots are on the other side of the ring chewing on the ropes. You suck at this. Move out of the way.

How stupid do you have to be to lose a political chess match to Donald Trump? There was an exciting world of possibilities after November 8th, where the people could finally wrest control of their government from the claws of the plutocrats, and the reality TV star has you chasing shadows and tripping over your own feet instead. We’ve wasted too much time already, and it’s time for you to admit you were wrong and let the real progressives get to work turning this thing around.

We were right about Bernie. We were right about Hillary. We were right about Russia. You were wrong about all of those things. You don't know how to win. You don't know how to turn this battle around. You don't know how to navigate this unprecedented situation we're in. Back down, talk less, listen more, and let us do what needs to be done.




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