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I’ll Stop Bashing Hillary When The Dems Stop Being The Kind Of Party That Created Her

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Until they make the massive changes they need to make, I’ll keep talking about the horrible candidate that the Democrats ran for President.

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I’m fond of reminding Democrats that the ruling elites of their party just tried to install into the most powerful political office on the planet an unfathomably corrupt candidate who was trying to start a world war with a nuclear superpower. This invariably gets a lot of “Why are you still talking about Hillary? Focus on Trump!” pushback from Democratic party loyalists who haven’t yet reconciled themselves with the cognitive dissonance of having voted for the apocalypse, but I think there’s still a lot of value in bringing this up. After all, the Democratic party is still showing us precisely zero signs of turning away from the path that nearly inflicted that horror on us in the first place. 

So sure, keep a close eye on Trump; he is president after all. But don’t bother trying to convince me to forget that the Democrats tried to force something like Hillary Clinton upon the American people, especially when they’re showing every sign that they’ll try to force another warmongering corporatist on us again in 2020. They are resisting even the slightest changes tooth and claw, acting like a cheating boyfriend saying “God, are you still talking about that time I slept with your best friend?” while continuing to text her and refusing to apologize. No self-respecting woman would stay in such an exploitative relationship, and neither should we. 

So, sorry Democrats, I’m going to keep reminding everyone of the horrifying thing you tried to do to us. Thank you for your concern, but that’s gonna keep happening. I’m going to keep reminding everyone of the Hillary Clinton disaster because those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, and everyone else should keep talking about it too. The people who are still currently running the Democratic party elevated, endorsed and advanced a candidate who campaigned on a promise to start attacking the Russian air force in Syria if elected, and they’re still currently pushing to increase tensions with that same nuclear superpower. They are evil, they are wrong, and they need to be placed as far away from power as possible, like scissors removed from the hands of a hyperactive child. 

I mean, I get it; Hillary embarrassed the entire party dozens of times throughout her campaign. If I were a Democrat I’d want people to forget about her too, ideally right away. I’d be spending what’s left of my plutocratic funding trying to figure out how to pull an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on the entire nation and clean everyone’s slate, and then I’d tell them that Donald Trump got elected because the Russians hacked our candidate application forms. It doesn’t work that way, though.

Know when I’ll stop talking about Hillary? When the Democratic party stops being the sort of institution that gives rise to leaders like Hillary. I’ll stop ringing the alarm bell when the threat has dissipated, thank you very much. You don’t kvetch about the sound of the smoke alarm when the building’s still on fire and most of its occupants are still asleep. 

The ability to hold a grudge and maintain a fixed moral stance has become ever more important since it became legal for the US government to use psy-ops on the American people. Psy-ops is a psychologically abusive form of propaganda that inculcates a population into compliancy in the same way a very skilled neuro-linguistic programming practitioner like Derren Brown can buy a $4,500 ring with a stack of blank paper, or easily turn an ordinary audience into a psychopathic mob of bullies, rioters and hooligans, or use a voice of authority to talk good people into committing murder. Watch these videos, watch how he does it, but if you’re telling yourself that wouldn’t be you, you’re lying to yourself in the most dangerous way possible. Our brains are hackable. Just ask any conman. 

The CIA have used psy-ops to manufacture consent for regime change in other countries for decades but in later years, because of the globalization of media, there had been some crossover. The WMD narrative was a big ol’ psy-op, and it was one they inflicted on the entire world in order to get a reluctant yes to go ahead and destroy a whole sovereign country. That time, they had to include the American people, even though it was technically illegal. But every time you saw or heard the phrase “Support our troops” you were being psy-opped. You might have said it yourself, or you might have been cowed into silence by it, but either way, you were psy-opped. 

That’s why it’s so important to hold a grudge, to have a strong story about who you are and what you stand for, and be loud and proud about it. Have that old-fashioned thing called moral fortitude. We have to learn to hold our own shape in the face of the psychological brutalizing efforts of the elite to get us to conform to their sick system. When everything and everyone in our world is trying to shame us into singing their sick song, we have to just sing our song of health louder. So when you feel someone coming in trying to shame you into shutting up about Hillary and the DNC by saying you’re whining or living in the past or whatever, stand up even taller and just say calmly “No, I am what health is.” In order to make a healthy system, we have to force it to accommodate healthy people. We have to force the sick people to change to our shape. And we can all do that by being loudly, relentlessly, shamelessly healthy.

So when someone tries to bring you down a peg or two by implying that you’re a purist or that your ideals are too wholesome and good or that you’re a dreamer or any of the other ways they say “Your modeling of a healthy and incorruptible moral system is making me uncomfortable,” that’s our cue to say, “No, you change.” If people can’t handle someone saying a normal thing like “elections need to be fair” or “war is wrong,” then it is them who needs to change, because they are sick.

Be a huge strong unapologetic beacon of health with pointy bits that irritate those that would rather you be a soft and malleable dough child who meekly goes along with the crowd. Learn how to be an irritant because until the system changes to accommodate our healthy shapes, that’s how we’ll be perceived. And don’t say sorry; we’re not the ones who need to apologize. The Democrats seriously fucked up. They rigged an election to force a historically unpopular candidate into the general who lost to someone who was so bad they had it rigged so he would be nominated to make an easy passage for the anointed queen. That’s no small fuck up. Their evil incompetence handed the keys of the planet over to an oil-loving, climate-killing, school-destroying troll president because they would rather have him than let a progressive like Bernie Sanders lead. That’s so incomprehensibly evil.

But the system that has allowed that has remained in place. There’s been no assurances about fixing the rigging, in fact, the DNC chair Tom Perez had to apologize for admitting it happened. They’d still rather take us to war with Russia than talk about it. I mean, seriously, when you think about it, the evil grows and grows. These are people who would rather take the world to war than fix their own damn election rigging.

So no Democrats, I will not shut up about it because it hasn’t changed yet. When it has changed, then I’ll shut up. Fix it, or learn to live with me banging on about it, irritating you on the daily with my spiky moral fortitude. That’s the only choice I’m offering. I’m not going to change. You will. 




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