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It Finally Happened: John McCain Has Called Rand Paul A Russian Agent On The Senate Floor

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Fact-free McCarthyist feeding frenzy + Republican party proxy fight = inevitable shark jump by neocons.

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Well, here we are at last. It was inevitable, really; how could it have gone any other way? When you’ve got two radically different senators heading two warring factions within the Senate majority who’ve had a downright catty relationship since at least 2010, things are bound to come to a head eventually. Add that to an irrational McCarthyist witch hunt, the Russophobic warmongering of the neocons, and the non-interventionism of the Paul family, and eventually someone’s going to jump the shark and call his peer a Kremlin agent on the Senate floor. It’s been building to this for months. It was a foregone conclusion long before it happened.

Arizona Senator John McCain, who has yet to be struck by lightning despite my many attempted pacts with various religious deities, lurched to the Senate floor yesterday and proclaimed that anyone who objected to his push to expand NATO by including the unstable nation of Montenegro in its alliance was enacting the will of Putin. When Rand Paul —who has consistently opposed Russia-antagonizing NATO expansionism— objected, McCain flipped his lid in a way I’ve never seen an eighty year-old man do outside the confines of a locked Alzheimer’s unit and declared that Senator Paul was “working for Vladimir Putin.” 

Yes, really. In real life.

Award-winning investigative journalist Robert Parry has just published an excellent essay for his Consortium News outlet detailing the way the neocon think tanks were already aligning with Hillary Clinton to push for a full-scale regime change invasion of Syria and an escalation of tensions with Russia. When Clinton lost, Parry describes how the sinister brains behind the neocon agenda were forced to adjust their strategy, lining up with the Democrats and trying to pressure the more pliable Republicans into backing their military industrial complex warmongering with those two nations. 

This is precisely the dynamic we saw playing out on the Senate floor with John “Bomb Iran” McCain’s vitriolic McCarthyist attack on the son of libertarian hero Ron Paul yesterday. The Trumpsters, nationalists, paleocons and libertarians are trying to drag US foreign policy kicking and screaming into something loosely resembling non-interventionism, and the neocons, whose “any war is better than no war” ideology is at the core of their platform, have naturally been resisting this. McCain and his senatorial mini-me Lindsey Graham (who on an unrelated note is so deep in the closet we’re in danger of losing him to Narnia) have been spearheading this neocon counteroffensive against the Trumpite faction of the GOP, to the cheers of delusional Democratic party loyalists in the McResistance everywhere. McCain’s tantrum on the Senate floor was a very ham-fisted manifestation of this Republican proxy battle.

So that’s what we can expect to see from these horrible people, if that wasn’t already clear. Anyone who opposes pouring more resources into more interventionism to cause more tensions between two nuclear superpowers will be publicly painted as an agent of the Kremlin with this new coalition between corporate Democrats and their new neocon BFFs. They will do it unashamedly in front of the entire nation, despite the complete lack of any evidence for their accusations, and until we rip the wheels off this insane McCarthyist feeding frenzy, they will do it with impunity. 

Hopefully this really was a “jump the shark” moment, a far-fetched novelty plot device employed in a last ditch effort to capture ratings by an ailing TV series right before it gets cancelled. Hopefully McCain’s Senate floor tantrum was cartoonish enough to get America to really look at what it’s becoming. Hopefully this was today’s version of the Army-McCarthy hearings, wherein the American people finally got their first look at what Senator McCarthy was all about and what he’d been up to, causing his approval ratings to plunge and his career to dead-end, ultimately culminating in his death by alcoholism three years later. Hopefully what we just witnessed from John McCain was the apex of the new McCarthyist hysteria. Because, frankly, this is getting scary.




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