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CIA-Funded Washington Post Doesn’t Think You Should Pay Attention To The CIA Leaks

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Oh well since the CIA's trade rag says it, it must be true.

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"The hardest part of explaining propaganda to people is getting them to accept they've been duped.”
~ Justin King

Ahh, here it is at last. The Washington Post, whose owner has received hundreds of millions of dollars directly from the CIA, and which never follows standard journalism practice by disclosing this potential conflict of interest when reporting on the US intelligence community, has released an unintentionally hilarious analysis of WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 drop that we should all be pointing and laughing at right now. I’ve been scanning WaPo’s headlines like a kid checking the mailbox for a letter from Santa waiting to see what the CIA’s unofficial trade rag has to say about the leaks, and baby it did not disappoint.

The article is titled “WikiLeaks strikes again. Here are 4 big questions about Vault 7.”, and its very first “question” begins with the premise of —you might want to sit down for this— blaming Russia.

That’s right, in part one of its four-part list explaining why Americans should ignore the CIA leaks, the CIA-funded Washington Post tells readers that the leak may have come from a country that the leak shows us the CIA has been deliberately collecting the hacking fingerprints of. The CIA’s UMBRAGE group, according to the press release of a drop that the intelligence community admits is wholly authentic, “collects and maintains a substantial library of attack techniques 'stolen' from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation,” which could be used to “misdirect attribution by leaving behind the ‘fingerprints' of the groups that the attack techniques were stolen from.”

“None of the revelations reported by WikiLeaks should be shocking,” begins the article, because the CIA losing control of its arsenal of cyberweapons and domestic espionage tools is just normal, everyday stuff apparently, “and we must first consider the source.” This insipid parody of an analysis goes on to frame it as an established fact that WikiLeaks has ties to Russia, citing a statement by proven liar James Clapper’s department as evidence of this claim. 

“A key point here is that this document trove shifts the narrative away from the hacking of the DNC and Russia’s relationship with Trump,” the article continues, “and toward a focus on the malfeasance allegedly committed by the CIA.” 

Yeah, no shit. As The Intercept’s Kim Zetter rightly notes, there is no proof in the documents WikiLeaks has released (currently less than one percent of its Vault 7 series) that the CIA used the Russian hacking signatures it warehouses to frame Russia for leaking emails of Democratic insiders to WikiLeaks, but it also doesn’t prove that they didn’t. We now know for a fact that the conglomerate of serial liars and manipulators known as the CIA actively collects programs that can be used to falsify Russian hacking fingerprints wherever it wants, and we’re still meant to focus on Russia as the source of the leaks? Yeah, no thanks. Vault 7 killed the establishment narrative on Russia, and these deep state propaganda outlets are still tying strings to its corpse to trot it around like a marionette so we’ll think it’s still alive. Nobody knows who leaked the DNC documents, and there’s no longer any valid reason to believe that it was Russia. So yes, naturally people are paying more attention to the CIA’s malfeasance than they are to Russia.

It gets better.

“Instead,” continues the CIA mouthpiece, “we must consider where the information came from and the lack of credibility WikiLeaks has as a news source.”

Ha! Excuse me? The amount of credibility WikiLeaks has as a news source? This is coming from the same rag that recently ran a completely top-to-bottom bogus story about Russians hacking an American electrical grid and ran a serious story featuring a McCarthyite blacklist penned by Ukrainian neo-Nazi propagandists branding hundreds of alternative media outlets as Russian propaganda. The same outlet that to this day refuses to post any disclaimers revealing its extensive financial ties to the CIA when commenting on that agency. This in contrast to WikiLeaks, which has a decade-long 100% perfect record of authentic releases.

Ahh man, that’s too delicious. We now have more reason than ever to doubt the Russian hacking narrative (and therefore less reason to believe that Russia is a nation that should be considered an enemy), and deep state loyalists are still trying to twist the mountain of evidence against them into something they can use to support their psy-op. They’re like the Black Knight on Monthy Python and the Holy Grail, still trying to fight with its arms and legs cut off.

What’s even crazier, though, is that it seems to be working on some people. Establishment loyalists, mostly Democrats, are still harping on about Russia despite the fact that there is now a whole planet full of suspects for the DNC leaks and we know for a fact that the possibility of attributing them to any one group from anywhere is more remote than ever, especially since the CIA has lost control of its toolbox and now many groups around the globe have access to parts its cyber arsenal, ostensibly including its database of “hacking fingerprints”. The entire “Russia is our enemy” McCarthyist revival we’ve been enjoying these past few months was ignited by official assertions that Russian hackers left their fingerprints on the DNC’s network, and we now know that those could have been put there by anybody. 

The hardest part in fighting the propaganda war is convincing people they’ve been fooled. Nobody wants to believe they’re an easily-manipulated establishment tool, but that’s exactly what everyone who still listens to outlets like the Washington Post has become. We all like to imagine that we’re these sharp critical thinkers who could never be taken in by some stock psy-op made by some suits in a DC think tank, but for the entirety of mainstream American political culture, this has absolutely happened. The corporate media has been successfully used to dupe people into believing they’re free thinkers while manufacturing consent for an incredibly exploitative system where Americans are crushed to death by the Walmart economy as their taxes are fed into corporatist wars and all new income goes to the wealthiest of the wealthy. This is not something any sane, rational human being would consent to in their right mind, which is why we may be certain that most of the American public is not currently in its right mind. 

This is deliberate. This is engineered. And now we’ve got commentators openly saying on mainstream outlets they’d prefer deep state rule to the current democratically elected administration. Doesn’t get any more manufactured than that.

Stay woke.




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