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Fuck Unity

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Corporate Dems can take their fake-ass ‘party unity’ and shove it.

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There are a lot of things that, when you just look at their names, sound way nicer than they actually are. Pro-life activism. Waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay. Sleepover at Neverland Ranch. Party unity. These all sound like perfectly lovely things if you just look at the words without knowing what they entail. 

Party! Who doesn’t like a party? Unity! What patchouli-wearing lefty doesn’t love the idea of unity?

In one of the recent debates for the DNC Chair, candidate Jehmu Greene (who would later go on to endorse oligarchic gimp suit manservant Tom Perez when she received just half a vote in the first round of elections) used the pleasant-sounding rhetoric of unity to argue not just against discussing the rigged presidential primary, but against the idea of distancing party leaders from corporatist funding as well, saying, “When the media wants to divide us in this way, divide our funders from our potential leaders, we need to just stop taking the bait. So I’m not going to take the bait on that question of division, I’m not going to take the bait on the Sanders versus the Clinton divide, and I would look to all of my candidates up here and say let’s stop taking the bait.”

Yes! Unify and stop taking the bait on divisiveness! Amen, sister! Preach! Oh… wait. Isn’t that just an attractive-sounding way of saying you shouldn’t have to change anything? That you should keep giving the donor class undisputed control over the trajectory of the party and keep letting them march working Americans, the military, the poor and the ecosystem off a cliff while raking in record profits?

This establishment rhetoric has been flooding into all conversations about progressive outrage over Perez’s election to the DNC Chair. Today there’s a popular Reddit thread that has reached r/all warning the members of the increasingly pro-establishment r/Political_Revolution that “The Trump Administration's next move is to sow discord between the progressive wing and the base of the Democratic party in order to further strengthen the GOP's stranglehold on Congress.” The idea, I guess, is to try and blame Trump’s opportunistic tweets about the DNC election results for the anger that progressives have been expressing over being used as toilet paper by the Democratic establishment again and again and again. 

The division was not created by Donald Trump; he’s just playing smart politics and trying to fan the flames that he (like the DNC) knew Perez’s election would ignite. Nor was the division caused by progressives; we want unity more than anything, but they’re shutting us out. The division was caused by the Democratic elites at the DNC, who have deliberately wedged progressives out of any possibility of ever influencing the direction of the party and then saying, using the deceitful language of unity, “We’ll still take your votes, though.”

Nah, man. Fuck that. That would be collaborating with our own destruction. The Democratic party has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is bound and determined to continue the oligarchic death march at the exact same speed as the Republicans if it can get away with it, and right now it’s the Republicans who are trying to spare us from the Democrats' corporatist warmongering with Russia and Syria. Trump’s new pick for National Security Advisor has made an extensive study of the lies that were told to deceive Americans into supporting the Vietnam War, for crying out loud, and has publicly spoken out about the threat that the military industrial complex poses to national security. The Dems aren’t even trying to be more sane than the Republicans anymore, they’re just trying to look more sane using their deep state propagandists in the corporate media

We can safely walk away now. I mean, we could still be heading toward disaster, but at least we won’t be knowingly collaborating with the institution that’s taking us there right now. 

At this time I see nothing wrong with the Green Party, just sayin’. It’s right there, all ready to go whenever. People tell me it’s poorly funded and poorly organized, but that’s just because there’s hardly anyone in it! They have very little human energy and a relatively shallow talent pool to draw from in its management, but that would change as soon as people began coming in, pouring their skills and creativity into getting it off the ground. It is a fact that if enough people did this it would kill the dying Democratic party in a few short years and replace it. Saying it’s too poorly-run is saying there aren’t enough people in it, and saying you won’t join a party because there aren’t enough people in it is like saying you won’t use a plate because it’s not already full of food. 

Just putting that out there; seems kinda silly to be talking about taking over a party that will do literally anything to avoid being taken over when there’s a perfectly good party right there who’d be happy to have you and whose only flaw is not having enough people in it. In the end, though, we will wind up taking the course that sparkles brightest and resonates most deeply, and it’s still too early to tell what that might be. The good news is that we can all move freely and unapologetically toward whatever openings present themselves without looking back.





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