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Corporate Media Invented The Term ‘Fake News’ 3 Months Ago, Now Cries When It’s Used On Them

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MSM made up the phrase “fake news” as a pejorative to smear alternative media. They should drop the victim act.

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So there was another Trump press conference yesterday, and in what seems to be a quickly solidifying national tradition, liberals are decrying it as the single most awful and horrifying thing that has ever happened while conservatives are applauding Trump’s brilliant 8-D chess maneuverings. I personally didn’t notice anything particularly surprising about it either way (must not be hanging out in the right echo chambers), but I was rather tickled to see yet another CNN reporter getting all huffy about being labeled “fake news” by the President. 

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta asked the President in a tense exchange that was just plain awkward for everybody, “Aren't you concerned, sir, that you are undermining the people's faith in the First Amendment, freedom of the press, the press in this country, when you call stories you don't like fake news?”

What cracks me up about this (apart from the suggestion that people’s faith in the First Amendment has somehow been weakened by a President who cannot make a single tweet without the comments section being mobbed by a deluge of liberals quite cheerfully and clearly without any fear of fascist-style retribution talking about impeachment and Russian prostitutes urinating on him) is the fact that these people invented the term “fake news”. Check out Google Trends; it simply was not a part of the public lexicon until the election in November. Corporate media began hammering the phrase into America’s consciousness over and over again day after day in a pathetic psy-op to conflate alternative media (which helped cost their establishment candidate the election) with Russian propaganda and Macedonian clickbait, and these corporate shills are acting like it’s a hurtful pejorative that’s been around their entire lives.

This is becoming a regular occurrence, and it’s the goofiest thing happening in mainstream media right now. Last week, CNN’s Chris Cuomo stepped out of his reptile tank to compare Trump’s use of the fake news pejorative on journalists to the use of the n-word on African Americans. That’s right, not only did Chris “it’s illegal for you to read WikiLeaks” Cuomo refer to himself as a journalist, but he compared the hijacking of a term his own industry invented three fucking months ago to the use of slaver language upon the descendants of slaves. There are no words in the English language for that level of pampered, entitled drama queenery, so I’ll just let that one speak for itself.

Keep in mind, this is the mainstream media crying victim right now. These people wear suits that cost more than I make in a year, and right now, they’re mopping up their crocodile tears with a sleeve that would feed both our families for a month. Somewhere along the line they’ve taken up the Taylor Swift challenge of loudly playing the victim card while quietly stealing the spoils, which is pretty much the whitest thing a person can do. Remember that these people were responsible for relentlessly broadcasting the WMD story, a fake news invention that sent the world in a war-driven death spiral from which we have not recovered. They’ve published so many pernicious lies as truth over the years that those reporting a great deal of trust in the mainstream media is now below ten percent. They invented the pejorative specifically to destroy alternative media, but now they’re all Scarlett O’Hara “Hand me the smelling salts!” about it being used anywhere in their vicinity? Yeah, I’m not buying it. 

Words have power. That’s why CNN hires so many people with law degrees and so few with journalism degrees to do its dirty work on screen; lawyers are trained to win arguments. They are not trained in objectivity. A lawyer’s training is the exact opposite of a journalist. Their whole job is to cherry pick the facts and twist them into the most convincing argument possible to persuade a judge, while journalists attempt to convey all the observable facts as objectively and authentically as possible, ideally with no hidden agenda or desired interpretation in mind. 

I guarantee you there were more than a few lawyers present in whatever think tank they cooked up the term “fake news” in while they were trying to figure out how to rescue the establishment narrative from the ever-growing buzzsaw that is alternative media. It’s not an objective descriptive term. It’s a term designed to demean and manipulate. It’s got a sting, an agenda, a manipulation hidden in those eight letters. In other words, it’s got “lawyer” written all over it.  

It’s long since time to wrest back the narrative from the oligarchy’s lawyers-in-a-press-hat and start talking to each other like normal people who just want to find out what’s going on. That’s all it’s going to take on our way back to health, and we’re doing it already. We’ve only got to keep talking to each other, to be honest about all the facts we know and not omitting the ones that don’t fit our ideas, to get curious about what other people are seeing, to be prepared to be surprised sometimes, while building a picture from all the facts as they come to hand. 

There’s a name for this process. It’s called journalism, a long lost art which was thought to have been laid to rest by those who would rather control the narrative and therefore control the people. 

We should bring that back. 




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