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Establishment Dems Hold Minorities Hostage And Demand Support For Corporatist Policies As Ransom

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The Dems could choose to give us economic AND social justice, but instead they leverage disadvantaged groups for votes.

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The Democratic party is full of monsters. Depraved, demonic monsters. 

The conspiracy theorists have been saying this for ages; that the Clintons and their followers all gather in secret to perform child sacrifices and revel in orgies of gore, but that isn’t the type of monster I’m talking about. I’m not talking about something the Democratic elites do in secret, I’m talking about something they do right out in the open, so blatantly and obviously that most people tend to overlook it. If they didn’t overlook it, and instead looked squarely at what these monsters have been doing, their fury would purge these elites from the face of the earth.

I’m talking about the way the Democratic establishment extorts voters into supporting them and their soul-crushing corporatist policies under the threat of losing their civil rights. Everyone watched during the 2016 election cycle as the Dems forced a warmongering corporate crony into the nominee slot and then bullied, shamed and gaslighted progressives into supporting her because if they didn’t, minorities, LGBT people and women will lose their rights. The decision to invest your vote in a progressive third party was propagandized as a “mark of privilege,” because if you didn’t support the woman who wants to start wars, continue the policies which increase income and wealth inequality, and enslave Americans to predatory trade agreements while staving off welfare and universal healthcare, disadvantaged groups will lose their rights.

This was not an accident, of course. The Republican and Democratic parties have figured out a scheme for working together to leverage Americans into supporting corporatist oppression no matter which party they vote for. The Republicans have agreed to threaten reproductive rights, gay rights and immigrants while wooing rural Americans who want to protect their culture and their families, while their neoliberal brothers in the Democratic party threaten the exact same things if you refuse to vote for their brand of corporatist exploitation. It would only take one party to stop this psychopathic game and give people both social justice and economic justice, but the Democrats choose not to be that party, because it keeps corporate donations rolling in. They deliberately perpetuate this evil for power and money.

The oligarchs who rule America, meanwhile, do not care if women have abortions. They do not care if gay people can get married, and they do not care if institutions are permitted to discriminate against minorities. And, since they get their power from multinational corporations and banks that are in no way limited by or loyal to national boundaries, they care about immigrants least of all. It makes no difference to their psychopathic agenda whether or not human beings get to have human rights and be treated with human decency, but they do take great interest in the fact that we care about those things. They don’t care about social justice, but they are fully aware of how to use social justice and the threat of its removal as a carrot and stick to force left-leaning Americans to participate in their omnicidal left-right-left-right march toward global domination.

This kills people. It kills people abroad in the corporatist wars that are launched advancing the globalist agenda, in the sanctions and embargoes used to bully governments into complying with oligarchic demands by starving their children to death, in exploitative military alliances and trade deals used to ensure that all economies remain subordinate to the hegemony of the US dollar, in the fake “war on drugs” used to justify US interventionism in sovereign nations, and in the fake “war on terror” for the same. 

It kills people at home with its continuing war on the lower and middle classes and refusal to implement sane healthcare policy and social safety nets. People die of exposure on the streets because they can’t pay rent, die of illnesses at home because they can’t afford to visit the doctor or buy medications, die of drug use because the government refuses to give them adequate treatment for their illness, die of gang violence because they’re growing up in an impoverished neighborhood. 

And here’s the kicker: all of these things impact most severely the very people the Democrats claim to protect. Minorities and immigrants are most severely impacted by the crushing poverty the Democrats work day and night to keep them in. The women most in need of reproductive healthcare and financial assistance for their children are the ones trapped in that same crushing poverty. Immigrants and LGBT people are impacted by the cultural discrimination that Democrats collaborate with Republicans to maintain for political dominance. These people suffer and die because the party that promises to protect them exploits and kills them instead.

“In 2015, Wall Street Bonuses not regular compensation, bonuses seven years after they were bailed out with the public purse, totaled $29.4 billion dollars. Total compensation paid to every single person in this country who makes minimum wage totaled $14 billion. I'll stop there.”
~ Mark Blyth

The Democrats could choose to end all this at any time by pushing for economic justice and protecting the people they claim to protect, but they don’t. They don’t because it would mean their billionaire bosses lose their political leverage and get a little less money. The Democrats are actively choking the most vulnerable Americans to death, and they’re doing it for power and money. They hold the most disadvantaged groups hostage under the threat that those groups will suffer even more if we don’t give their plutocrat bosses our power and our money.

“Vote for your own wage slavery and exploitation, or Abdul here will suffer the consequences of your selfish actions.”


Watch this video of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi getting asked an unexpected question about young people’s growing negativity toward capitalism. Watch her stammer and giggle like a drooling moron, then launch into a five minute explanation of why the young gay man who questioned her can expect to live a life of economic exploitation. At no point does she actually answer the man’s questions, indicate that anything might change, or offer any solution to America’s unforgivable state of economic injustice; she just enthusiastically explains why income and wealth inequality has been growing exponentially with the preface, “We’re capitalist. That’s just the way it is.”

According to opensecrets.org, Nancy Pelosi is worth more than 100 million dollars. This woman is in charge of all the Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Monsters. Depraved, demonic monsters. This is why I don't blame the conspiracy theorists for envisioning horrific ceremonies in secret societies when talking about these elites; there's no good reason to put anything past them. No evil deed concocted in the wildest imagination of the most paranoid conspiracy theorist could possibly be worse that what these monsters are already doing out in the open.

Let's create a world where the monsters aren't in charge.




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