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Consider This: Every Time You Focus On Trump, You Are Helping The Dem Establishment

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Forget Trump. If we can undermine the Dem establishment we can get a true progressive in the White House by 2021.

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The push to impeach Trump will not work. The Democrats would have to gain dozens of seats in the House in order to gain the simple majority needed to impeach, and even if they did it would take a two-thirds majority of the Senate to actually remove him from office, where Dems are still down a few seats from even a simple majority. Either that or the Republicans would have to suddenly become stupid enough turn Trump’s rabid fan base against them by removing him themselves, and they already see the Dems fighting to keep their heads above water after what they did to Bernie Sanders. They’re not going to even the playing field for the Dems by alienating their own base and fighting their own battle on two fronts when they can just use the Trumpsters to their advantage to forward their agenda.

And therein lies the point of this article. The Democratic establishment knows it won’t be able to impeach Trump, so why do they keep talking about it? Why does not a day go by without some Democratic Representative bringing up his impeachment? Why does not a day go by without establishment media running a new story featuring some pundit or another assuring us that Trump will be removed from office in a matter of months? 

The answer is that they’re not trying to impeach Trump, they’re trying to keep us focused on the idea of impeaching Trump. If they can keep progressive rebels pointed at Trump, they can mitigate the challenge of fighting two wars against the left and the right, and even use the left as a weapon against the right by directing the left’s outrage toward Trump. Democratic elites are 100 percent aware that they’re fighting a media war, a war of perception, and progressive rebels, for the most part, do not have this awareness. We are therefore at a disadvantage until this changes. 

The media war is the war. The war for control over the national narrative on the political left is the entirety of the war we’re fighting. This is the battle the establishment lost in 2016, when America’s newfound ability to share ideas and information online cost the establishment candidate the election; Clinton lost because too many people ignored what they were being told by the establishment media and establishment politicians and created their own narrative using social media, alternative media, and WikiLeaks documents. This war for the national narrative is the one that Democratic elites are focused on right now, and we need to focus on it too if we want to win.

Every time I write an article suggesting that progressive rebels should focus on attacking the Dem establishment instead of Trump, I get a deluge of comments and messages saying “We can fight both! We can walk and chew gum at the same time!” No you can’t. You cannot do that. You will fail. You will fail because this is a media war, a war of perception, a war of narrative. It is impossible, in our current political climate, to feed into the “Trump is a monster” narrative without simultaneously feeding into the “any Democrat would be better” narrative, because the establishment Democrats are doing everything they can to use anti-Trump narratives to elevate themselves so that they can take back control of the government without espousing a real progressive agenda. 

The national narrative determines how people vote, and they will vote with the Democratic establishment if we support the Democratic establishment narrative by collaborating with their desire for us to focus on Trump.

Imagine that the media war can be measured in dollars. The Republicans have a certain amount of dollars, the establishment Dems have a certain amount of dollars, and so does the progressive rebellion. We’re all trying to wind up with more dollars than the others so that we can take control of the direction the US government will head. It is at this time very easy to take dollars away from the Dem establishment simply by pointing out all their evils and manipulations and contrasting them with ourselves (remember how much damage we were able to do in a few short months during the primaries), but taking dollars from the Republicans is rendered ineffectual because the Democrats use those attacks to their advantage. Every time we want to knock a dollar off the Republicans, the Democratic elites are saying, “Sure, you can knock a dollar off the top of their pile. You’ll have to pay us a dollar first, though.” Everything we do to attack the Republicans helps them.

And of course, it works the other way too in the short term as well; progressives focusing on attacking the establishment Dems will temporarily make the Republicans the biggest dog in the room. The Republicans love the fact that there’s so much in-fighting on the political left; they think it will make them stronger and ensure their political dominance for decades. What our Republican brothers and sisters are missing, of course, is that once we’ve worked with them to bring down the Democratic establishment, we’ll be the biggest dog in the room. The only people who are actually benefiting from the Dem establishment are the politicians and the plutocrats who own them; everyone else just reluctantly votes with them in abysmal turnout numbers because they’ve been the slightly less insane alternative to the Republicans. When the true left takes over, everyone from the democratic socialists to the independents to the Clintonian centrists will vote with us; a non-corrupt, non-corporatist political left will be unstoppable.

The Democratic establishment will quickly collapse under the weight of unequivocal public sentiment directed against it from both the left and the right. It has no energized base to defend it anymore, so it only has the most lackluster public support from a group of people who will quickly realign with a progressive alternative as soon as one pops up. So let’s work together to seize control of the public narrative against them.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that since Trump is the President, opposing him is an act of rebellion. This is not the case; the oligarchy is still alive and well, and a large portion of it is deeply invested in restoring power to the Democratic establishment. The real rebellion is in prying those parasites off of us so we can start a real progressive revolution, because the oligarchy is the real establishment.

There’s a video going around titled “Conservatism is the NEW Counter-Culture” from a Trumpster named Paul Watson which makes a strong argument that the counter-cultural revolution is no longer happening on the left with the hippies and punk rockers, but with the alt-right and the Trumpsters. He is, at this time, correct; the largest counter-cultural movement in America right now is happening on the political right. This is only because the Democratic establishment has so successfully hijacked the public narrative, however, and when we start attacking that narrative we’re building a powerful  counter-cultural movement of our own.

The Democratic establishment has lulled us into believing the lie that as long as its politicians are paying lip service to Black Lives Matter and advocating gay marriage, that it’s acceptable for them to choke us all to death by helping big money institutionalize the Walmart economy, shrinking our wages and making it a struggle to acquire medicine or put food on the table while spending trillions of dollars slaughtering millions of people overseas in corporatist wars. “Vote for me! Sure I’ll sell America’s infrastructure to my plutocrat owners and fight to protect them from tax loopholes while you work two jobs just so your kids can eat, but I’ll never assume your gender!” 

That is the fake left. That is the entirety of the Democratic establishment right now, and it’s what we need to be fighting. We need to be shining a big, bright light on that neoliberal bullshit at every opportunity until the whole country gets sick of it and flushes it down the toilet where it belongs. Let’s stop collaborating with their ineffectual demonstrations and manufactured outrage and start attacking the real oppressors. Let’s become real rebels.




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