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If All Progressives Start Acting Like Sam Ronan, We’ll Be Unstoppable

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Be like Sam.

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Whatever he ends up doing after his bid for DNC Chair, Samuel Ronan is going to be successful. Sure he’s got charm, intelligence and sincerity going for him, but that’s not what will make him unstoppable; there are plenty of people with those qualities who never end up doing much. What will make this young man a force in the world is the way he plows unhesitatingly toward whatever he wants and gives it his very best shot without holding back for fear of failure.

If you want to get pessimistic about things, Ronan’s odds of securing the Committee votes he’d need to become Chairman are slim, to put it delicately. He’s 27 years old, has never held elected office, and doesn’t appear to have held any government position at all apart from his military service. His lead opponents are a Congressman, a former Secretary of Labor, and a Mayor. More importantly, he is the only DNC candidate that is stating openly and unequivocally the undeniable truth about the 2016 presidential primaries: that they were stacked unfairly against Bernie Sanders by the DNC. It is the members of the DNC themselves who select the Chairperson.

But Samuel Ronan is not pessimistic about things, and that’s why he is superior to the overwhelming majority of progressives in America right now. While other progressives waste valuable energy whining and moaning that Donald Trump is a Nazi, Ronan filled out the necessary forms and did what he needed to do to in order to run as the only honest candidate for DNC Chair. While other progressives are wasting valuable energy waxing defeatist about how any attempt to change the Democratic party from within is doomed to fail, Sam Ronan is up there on a panel with his arm around Keith Ellison, pointing at Tom Perez and Pete Buttigieg, and clearly and professionally articulating how the Democratic party has alienated its progressive base right there in front of everyone.

Be like Sam.

Could you imagine if everyone did? There’d be no stopping us. If we stopped whining and pushing against at all the little things we don’t want, and instead started shoving headlong toward what we do want without worrying if we’d succeed or fail, who could stop us? The establishment Dems? The only base they’ve got left consists of a bunch of rudderless vagina hat-wearing sheep who drift wherever the current of public energy takes them, and we would become that public energy. The Republicans? They’d be unable to stand against a political left that was forced to fall in line with us, and they’d lose election after election. We would take over America.

Be like Sam. People like him succeed where others fail because they don’t waste their intentions and energy on useless things like inertia, doubt, or opposition. When they see an opportunity to push toward the kind of country they want to live in, they jump in and run with it. Sam Ronan is 27 years old, but I guarantee you he’s lived far more of a life than anyone moaning on the internet about how Justice Democrats will never work, because his approach to life and living is just plain better. Tigger > Eeyore.

Be like Sam. I cannot for the life of me understand how Americans are so receptive to the argument that a candidate who “can’t win” should not be supported. That simply isn’t seen as a valid argument in the rest of the world, America; I’m not sure if you know that. The obsession with being a “winner” is a uniquely American thing. Nowhere else in the western world will you find a culture so obsessed with being on the winning side, even when it means they are losing out. I hadn’t personally encountered it until the Bernie campaign; people would just blatantly say “He won’t win” as soon as you mentioned his name. “Will you support him?” “No, he won’t win,” came the instant response. I was taken aback. I asked more than once, “You do realize you’re not placing a bet on him? It’s a vote, not a bet. Do you understand the difference?”

I’m not sure many Americans do. Winning takes precedence over everything else including doing the right thing, and if you try and talk about the benefits of throwing your support behind what is right, regardless of the outcome, you will get called selfish. Now, I never worked that one out. Apparently in America nowadays being ethical is unethical, being unselfish is selfish, etc. There are so many double-speak platitudes that require a lot of explaining to outsiders and quite frankly, I don’t want to know. If you can explain how black is white, well good for you, that’s quite a magic trick, but I’m only interested in reality. I only want to do what’s right, I’m not interested in talking myself into believing I’m doing the right thing while going about doing the wrong thing.  

The right thing is obvious. It’s right here. We are skating towards extinction and we need to stop everything we’re doing right now and turn the other way. Away from sociopathic corporate leadership, and towards enacting the will of the people. Away from the donors and towards the voters. Away from the decrees of the omnicidal plutocracy and towards the biological desire to survive. Stopping to hear someone’s outlandishly self-defeating explanation about why we should stop trying to do that because we won’t win is not only time-consuming, it’s also dangerous. It’s entertaining a self-fulfilling prophecy. Anyone who wants to waste our time telling us that we can’t needs to be asked if they have a better way. If they do, they should start making it happen. If they don’t, they should shut up and get out of the way.

When you’re rock climbing, you need to pick the best option, over and over and over. Not the perfect option, not the winning option, not the option that magically lifts you to the top, just the best option out of those that are presenting themselves. Sometimes you get it a bit wrong, and that’s okay too. That’s what we need to do right now; we just need to keep choosing and putting our energy behind the best option that presents itself in every moment. That’s how we climb out of the abyss. 

We can't keep freezing up and hesitating and getting bogged down in resistance and negation. We already know where the light is, so we need to run toward it without stopping. Let's all be like Sam and just do this damn thing.




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