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Newly Released Letter From 9/11 Mastermind Shows How Interventionism Causes Terrorism

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Islamic terrorists hate Americans for the US government’s evil interventionist policies. It really is that simple.

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I’ve heard Americans say some incredibly dumb things over the years, from “It’s racist to say that black lives matter” to “YOLO!” to “Let’s go see that new Ben Affleck movie,” but nothing comes anywhere close to the raw, high-octane stupidity of that nauseating post-9/11 sentiment, “The terrorists hate us for our freedom.”

It’s the highest possible concentration of ignorance, hypocrisy, arrogance and cultural narcissism all rolled into one to think that a bunch of people were sitting around on the other side of the planet thinking, “Allah Allah, gosh those Americans are too darn free. Let’s hatch an elaborate plan and then fly all the way over there, start new lives, take piloting lessons and learn hand-to-hand combat to crash planes into their buildings and punish them for being so free.” This is infinitely more stupid than the ideas held by even the craziest fringe conspiracy theorists, but this was a mainstream sentiment following 9/11.

And it still kinda is. Any critical thinking about why terrorists do what they do has largely been marginalized from public discourse to the point where Americans don’t even really think about it anymore beyond “They’re just crazy” if they’re a Democrat or “Islam just sucks” if they’re Republican. Which isn’t much better than “They hate us for our freedom,” because it assumes the exact same Bambi-eyed innocence under unprovoked attack from irrational monsters. It’s something we’re not meant to think about because that’s “humanizing” and “sympathizing with” the people who commit these heinous crimes, but the new release of an 18-page letter to President Obama from the alleged mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks builds on an ever-increasing mountain of evidence that the best thing Americans could possibly do to protect themselves from terrorist attacks is demand their government espouse a non-interventionist foreign policy.

Written at the end of 2015 and given to Obama at the end of his administration, an army judge ruled that the letter from Khalid Sheik Mohammed could become available to the public one month later, which has now taken place. The letter, while obviously written by a horrible man under the perverse delusion that attacks on civilians are a moral means of resisting the evil actions of their government, also displays an awareness of US foreign policy far more advanced than that of the average US citizen. It’s a confronting read, but I encourage you to take a look at it, dear reader. I promise it won’t make you sprout a beard and start ululating.

I won’t quote much from the letter itself because you really should read it, but I will direct the reader’s attention to page five, which begins with a section titled “Why did 9/11 Happen? And Why May it Happen Again?” The entire letter is scathing indictment after scathing indictment of America’s murderous rampage across the globe, but this particular section is focused on what America is doing to provoke violent responses from the Muslim world. Unless you believe that the September 11th attacks were a 100% top-to-bottom inside job constructed entirely by deep state actors and had nothing to do with actual Islamic terrorists, you can probably assume that you’re hearing straight from the horse’s mouth why terrorism happens and why it will keep happening as long as America keeps bombing, starving, terrorizing and disrupting citizens of other countries around the world. 

When they’re done batting him around in the legal system like a cat with a captured mouse, Khalid Sheik Mohammed will likely be put to death at a politically advantageous time, but the terrorism will not end. America will still have hundreds of military bases all around the world, will still be conducting the drone program Noam Chomsky calls “the most extreme terrorist campaign of modern times,” and will almost certainly become involved in more civilian-slaughtering, refugee crisis-generating regime change wars which will most assuredly create more rage in the Muslim world and more violent retaliations against the US and its allies unless something drastic changes in America. 

There is no other possible outcome. We’re taught in kindergarten that if we hit one of our peers, they’ll probably hit us back, so it’s better not to hit them at all. Why then would America expect anything else after inflicting death, displacement and terror upon millions of people across the Muslim world? 

If I were America’s mum, I’d sit it on my knee and tell it “Look, child, you have this whole sandbox all to yourself to play in. It’s one of the most beautiful sandboxes in the world! Why do you have to go around knocking down other children and taking their toys? You’re making them dislike you, and they might knock you down in return. You just play nicely in your sandbox, okay?”

America, they don’t hate you for your freedom, they don’t hate you because they’re crazy, and they don’t hate you because Islam forces them to; they hate you because your government terrorizes them. If you could get your government to stop wasting hundreds of billions of dollars each and every year on a spectacularly overextended military which is used to bully and threaten foreign nations into supporting corporatist interests, I promise you all acts of Islamic terrorism will end. Islam doesn’t make Muslims want to kill you, the fact that Islam happens to be the prevailing religion in areas with lots of plutocrat-invested oil fields is what makes some Muslims want to kill you.

 There’s a political movement gaining ground in your country geared toward ceasing regime change wars and ending the opportunistic support for the terrorist factions that those wars give rise to, and supporting that movement is the best possible way to fight terrorists. Not with drones, not with bombs, not with regime change invasions, but simply by ceasing to do the things that create, fuel, and galvanize terrorist factions. By opposing these evil acts of interventionism perpetrated by both parties and advancing politicians who reject America’s interventionist foreign policy, you can make yourselves and your nation safe from ever experiencing another 9/11.




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