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Until Dems Can Create A Decent Alternative To Trump, This Isn’t ‘Resistance’ — It’s Just Bitching

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The Democrats are going to have to make some truly massive changes before they can create a valid alternative to the Republicans.

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Debate 16
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The entire horrid DNC chair debate was one long, seamless “We must unite against Trump!” ejaculation. Every article I write in opposition to the Democratic establishment gets swiftly covered in “Enough infighting! We need to unite and resist the Republicans!” comments like ants on a half-eaten lollipop. There’s an astroturf campaign calling itself “The Resistance” which was founded by the same people who helped kill Sanders’ presidential run yet attempts to piggyback on the enthusiasm behind his movement, and the post-inauguration demonstrations saw millions of people turn out for what was in essence the largest collective temper tantrum in world history.

They’re all talking about “resisting” and “opposing” the current administration and the House and Senate majority, but nobody’s talking about the infuriating fact that they have nothing to replace any of it with. Democratic leaders have stated unequivocally that they have no intention of changing anything, and not one single DNC chair candidate was willing or able to say that the Democratic primaries were weighted in favor of Hillary Clinton despite overwhelming evidence that they were. If we look at the actions of the establishment propaganda machine, we can see that their entire plan is to keep Trump’s approval ratings super low by freaking out with DEFCON 1 level alarmism every single time Donald Trump says or does anything, so that they can get away with running another corporatist warmonger in 2020 who the people will support in desperation to escape from the Nazi devil man. 

Let me be blunt here: until the Democrats make the massive, sweeping changes they need to make in the way they elevate warmongering Wall Street cronies and sabotage the campaigns of anyone who supports the people over the oligarchs, all this “resistance” is nothing more than idle bitching. All I’m hearing is,

“We need to unite and bitch about Donald Trump together!”

“Democrats need to stop the proxy fighting, come together, and bitch with one voice!”

“Down with Drumpf! #TheBitchening”

Because that’s seriously all this is. These people just tried to force upon us a presidential candidate who was actively pushing for a war with a nuclear superpower, who was on record praising the world-killing TPP dozens of times, who was essentially funded by legalized corporate bribery, who told a group of Goldman Sachs execs that she’d lie to the American people for their benefit, and who was installed as the nominee by a brazen assault on American democracy. They have given us exactly zero reasons not to think this will happen again, and yet here we are being told that we need to “resist” the people currently in power. If you have no intention of presenting an acceptable alternative, you are not offering a solution. If you’re not offering a solution, you’re just bitching.

Well, I’m not interested. I got all my idle bitching out of the way when I was a gothy teenager thank you very much, and now I’m interested in solutions. And it just so happens that the solutions all involve attacking not the Republicans, but the Democratic establishment. 

The biggest obstacle to the progressive revolution isn’t the Republicans, it’s the establishment Democrats. These people are choking off our movement, trying to co-opt it by waving rainbow flags and promising us abortions galore while tricking us into voting for more plutocratic oppression and corporatist wars overseas. If we could just get them to stop constantly twisting our movement into the sickly corporate crack whore they want it to be, fight back their manipulations and push for the real changes we all know need to be made, the Republicans would never stand a chance. They’d have to come way to the left just to steal votes from us. 

Nobody actually wants a corporatist warmongering Democratic party, not the progressives, not the new Dems, not the blue dogs, none of them. There are no centrist Democrats in Iowa going “Gosh I sure hope those progressives don’t try to stop us from invading disobedient OPEC nations!” They just want reasonable taxation for the middle class and maybe to keep their guns, which we can easily work with. If we can force the Democrats to drop their insane corporatist neoliberal policies, the party will become an unstoppable force of goodness.

Until that happens, though, they’re not giving us anything to support. And without anything to support, there’s nothing to resist. So let’s fight the real enemy here and throw these manipulative bastards out.




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