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This Isn’t Feminism, This Is Corporatism In A Vagina Hat

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We can do better than this, sisters. And we will.

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Okay, so are we all done with our Soros-sponsored outrage and identity politics parades for the time being? Can I talk about this now without feeding into the unbelievable amount of media coverage this thing received while every single anti-establishment protest in America gets ignored and marginalized? I’ve got some things to say.

The Women’s March demonstrations reminded me of the MGM logo: sure it’s a corporate marketing device cooked up by some suits around a table in LA to make money, but it’s also a lion, a giant African killing machine with millions of years of evolution informing its ability to rip your goddamn throat out whenever it wants. You can stamp a slogan on a wild beast and put its image on your product, and maybe it’ll sell a few more units for you, but the wild beast is still in there, as untamed and deadly as ever.

Miracles happen when women get together in large groups. Beneath all the speeches by Clintonite celebrities and establishment politicians, beneath the Soros marketing and corporate media’s frantic push to keep Trump’s approval rating low enough that the Democrats can get away with running a plutocrat-friendly corporatist in 2020 instead of changing, something very dangerous and beautiful was happening.


Most men live their entire lives in blissful ignorance of the existence of the higher social dimension that women experience and inhabit. When we say that a woman is being nasty to us, for example, men often assume that we’re being irrational and making mountains out of molehills unless our foe has done something extremely overt like scream at us or call us names. And when a man does this he’s being sincere; that’s really the extent of his perception of social dynamics, and that’s the sort of reality he walks around in. As long as nobody’s openly insulting or assaulting him, they’re assumed to be friendly or neutral. He honestly can’t see the subtle ways one can be undercut, undermined, put down or turned away that we women are able to perceive. It’s not that we’re being irrational or making a big deal out of nothing, it’s that when it comes to social interactions, we’re able to perceive subtle things that our brothers cannot.

That higher perception which enables us to perceive slights and offenses also informs our ability to collaborate and control. Our capacity for actualizing this power has been greatly impaired by the invention of agriculture, which some eight thousand years ago ended humanity’s existence as a nomadic hunter-gatherer species and lead to the commodification of women in a new paradigm where men could own separate units of property. The invention of marriage broke us up into separate family units policed by the biggest and strongest human on the property, isolating us to a great extent from our sisters, jamming our transmission and killing our ability to collaborate. But that ability is still there, just below the surface.

Before agriculture, women would have been in constant communion, always on the same page, making decisions as a group, smoothing over social stressors, collectively intuiting when to move and where. Our periods would have been in sync due to our constant proximity, so we’d all spend a few days away from the men once a month to talk about the really important stuff safely out of earshot. Even sex would be collectively governed, since as a nomadic species dependent upon seasonal abundance you can’t be dealing with babies when you need to be fast and mobile. Our ability to determine all of these things and collaborate in a way men really couldn’t resulted in women effectively governing the tribe, not as a monarchy but as a collective. 

We’re slowly coming back to that now. Our species’ increasingly widespread access to the internet has enabled tiny little insurgencies to pop up in communities all over the world as women find ways to reconnect with the sisterhood. A woman can appear to be a perfectly obedient housewife upholding the patriarchy as a good mother ought, but when she pulls out her smartphone and begins communing with her sisters, she can be engaging in the most wildly seditious behavior imaginable under the cover of a simple “Oh, just Facebooking” when someone asks her what she’s up to. 

(By the way, sisters, if you don’t belong to any women-only Facebook groups yet, you should definitely start one. Add your trusted friends, set it to Secret, put a “what’s shared here stays here” rule in the group description, then start opening up and sharing. Beautiful things will happen. Promise.)

Women have been separated and controlled for millennia, effectively allowing men to build society from the ground up in a way that suits them. During that time they invented such things as religion, money, socioeconomic hierarchy, war, ecocide, slavery, and law, totally uninformed by the feminine perspective, by women’s collaborative wisdom. When women’s lib came along, men said “Oh, you want to be liberated? Okay, the bank is that way, the jobs are over there, the Church of the Patriarchal God is around the corner, here’s a list of all the people who are in charge of you. Welcome to equality!” Meanwhile we never had any input into creating any of the systems we became thrust into.

Now that we’re regaining our ability to network and touch antennae, these systems are becoming jeopardized. We’re stretching out our communication networks, comparing notes, saying “Hey, this is all bullshit, right?” “Yeah, this is total bullshit!”, and, in our own magical ways that only we can understand, beginning to mobilize against it all. The absolute worst thing the patriarchy could have done at this time was to gather millions of us together in one place.

For this reason I’d say it was a major tactical error for Soros et al. to gather all those women for all those marches the last few days. It will pay short term political dividends and result in their long-term defeat. The oligarchs thought it would be a good idea to try and harness women’s great collaborative gift and exploit it to advance their patriarchal agenda. They thought wrong. All those car rides, bus rides, plane rides together, all that standing around in one place with nothing to do but talk and share, cannot have resulted in anything beneficial to the current power structures. On the surface it looked like a bunch of good little slaves crying in outrage that the Democratic establishment’s corporatist war hawk wasn’t sworn in as President, but underneath, the seeds of a true rebellion were being planted.

The Democratic establishment has figured out how to manipulate our healthy desire for equality and reproductive rights to get us to support a political system that is pure patriarchal corporatist kleptocracy. They tell us we need to vote for politicians who will make it harder to feed our families, who will destroy the environment for our grandchildren, who will send our babies off to war, or else we'll lose our reproductive sovereignty and rob others of their rights. And until now, that despicable manipulation has worked perfectly.

No more. We are so done with your shit, patriarchy.  You are on notice. Your time is nearly up. Mama earth is coming back on line and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. We are nobody’s puppets, and your fake “resistance” movement is only sowing the seeds of a real one. Underneath your overproduced packaging designed by overpaid marketers, something real is waking up. Watch out.




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