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Donald Trump Is A Liar — And That's A Good Thing

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As the establishment fights for control of the narrative, Trump is actively weakening it, forcing people to pay attention to what's happening apart from the words.

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So now there’s a Pissgate. 

Of course. Of course there had to be a Pissgate.

I don’t want to talk about this, because it’s weird and irrelevant and because it involves alleged allegations by multiple intelligence agencies and a country that recently made it legal to conduct psy-ops on its own citizens (and may also be the direct result of a 4chan prank), but in case you’ve been under a rock the last 24 hours, there’s an internet rumor being reported on as an actual real thing by CNN, Buzzfeed and other major outlets involving Donald Trump paying prostitutes to urinate on him and watch hentai with him in his pajamas or something. I don’t know all the details because I don’t care enough, though I do find it odd how quickly liberals will abandon their policy of indifference to what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms as soon as it becomes politically convenient. But that’s not what this article is about.

This article is about why it’s a good thing that the President Elect is a liar.

All this pee-pee nonsense has been drumming up a lot of dialogue about how dishonest Trump is and how since he lies all the time he can’t deny anything with any degree of believability, all of which is a fair assessment of Trump’s record. Politifact found that only about fifteen percent of the things they’ve fact checked him on were rated True or Mostly True, while seventy percent were rated Mostly False, False or Pants on Fire. That’s an insanely high rate of dishonesty to be able to make a case for, whether you believe Politifact is biased or not. The guy lies. A lot.

And I’m pretty sure his fans know this. And I’m pretty sure they’re more or less fine with it. The other day Kellyanne Conway defended Trump accusing Chris Cuomo and his fellow establishment media goons of always wanting "to go with what’s come out of his mouth rather than look at what’s in his heart.” I’ve been following the Trump phenomenon with intense interest for many months, and I’m pretty sure Conway described exactly the way Trump supporters actually feel; they don’t care what he says. They don’t care about his words. 

And why should they? They just watched President Obama promise the most transparent administration in history, then go on to prosecute more whistleblowers then all other administrations combined and secretly institute an Orwellian surveillance program, promise to work toward “a world without nuclear weapons” and then went on to dump a trillion dollars into the nuclear weapons program, promise hope and change and then went on to spend eight years continuing and expanding all of George W. Bush’s most evil policies, continuing to say all the right things the entire time. 

The entirety of their experience tells them that what a politician says has nothing to do with what’s in his or her heart, and has nothing to do with what he or she will actually do once elected to public office. They decided that Trump has a good enough heart, and they’re going to ignore what he says and watch what he does once in office. Who can blame them? As politicians become more and more adept at manipulating people, saying whatever we want to hear in order for us to hand them power, people are naturally going to start looking for ways of selecting elected officials that can’t be manipulated so easily. 

Again, we’re talking about a country that can and does conduct psy-ops on its own citizens. The US government went out of its way to amend the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 in its NDAA legislation for 2013, effectively ending a law against using propaganda and psy-ops to manipulate the American people. They didn’t do this for jollies, they did this because they intended to use propaganda and psy-ops to manipulate the American people. This year’s NDAA expanded America’s propaganda program, and the Obama administration just killed the only official board responsible for keeping government surveillance in check, so the manipulations of the political establishment are only getting more and more aggressive. We can see this in the way a completely unsubstantiated rumor is being circulated right now by major mainstream news outlets, and the way the CIA-funded Washington Post now blatantly lies to its readers in order to elicit public support for the establishment's anti-Russia narrative. Why would anyone believe anything these people say? Why on earth would they pay attention to the words of someone who’s attaching themselves to a system that is increasingly geared toward deceiving them?

Trump has thrown a huge monkey wrench in all of those mechanisms of deceit. As the political establishment fights to wrest back control of the public narrative from WikiLeaks and alternative media, Donny’s out there completely destabilizing it at every turn. He says whatever he wants, contradicting himself frequently, and it upsets all the people Trump supporters hate anyway. They love it, and they don’t hold him to his words. It’s not that they’ll follow him blindly; I truly believe that if Trump takes office and starts crushing the American people with the same neoliberal corporatist exploitation and degradation they’ve been receiving from the government their whole lives, they will abandon him. But if he brings back jobs and gets Americans more money, he could say literally anything during that time and they’d still support him. He’s divorced political action from political words in American consciousness.

And that’s a good thing. We should be ignoring their words and judging their actions. That’s just standard protocol when you’re dealing with manipulators; ignore their stories, watch what they do. Corporate media launched their failed campaign to paint alternative media as “fake news” because controlling the narrative has been how the oligarchs have stayed in power this entire time, but in the age of Trump where less and less weight is placed on words, that narrative itself has been severely weakened, regardless of who controls it. 

Trump is a giant troll. It’s no wonder 4chan loves him; he’s their people. When he tweeted out that the theater should be a safe space after the cast of Hamilton gave his VP Mike Pence a going over, social media went nuts for days after. The President Elect is nothing if not net-literate, and he baits and switches social media by using the language of the left to tease us into a reaction. Just like an annoying big brother, he knows right where our buttons are, and he’s happy to mash them for fun. Did he mean that the theater should be a safe space for Pence? Of course not; if anything he was showing us how unafraid of protest his team is by teasing the left about the penchant for safe spaces. He’s a master troll and we can’t trust his words.

I’m not a Trump supporter, but I’m actually excited about the implications of all this. As we’ve discussed before, whoever controls the narrative controls everything. Money and power are purely conceptual constructs, so controlling them is a matter of controlling how people think about them. You do this by pounding your Official How-It-Is Story into their minds from an early impressionable age for their entire lives, but that’s getting harder and harder to do as information and storytelling gets more and more egalitarian, and with a living advertisement for the meaninglessness of words using the bully pulpit via Twitter every day, we can only expect that to till the soil into fertility even faster. Soon we'll be able to shake off the oppressive How-It-Is narratives of the oligarchy and begin telling our own stories however we want.

In the meantime, people will be paying a lot less attention to what politicians say, and a lot more attention to what they do. This can only be a good thing.




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