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The Demand For Proof Of Russian Hacking Completely Misses The Point

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The U.S. government’s refusal to substantiate its claims about Russia is a far less urgent concern than what we’ve already learned from the leaked documents.

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There have been an irritating number of viral articles circulating throughout social media today with clickbait headlines asserting that the FBI has provided proof that Russia “hacked the election” in America this year. In addition to being sloppy and poorly written (the most viral one right now is missing half of its third paragraph), these articles contain no proof of anything whatsoever, nor do they link to anything that does. Yet I’ve encountered them numerous times today on my news feed, and people have used them as sources in debates with me trying to substantiate their assertions that the intelligence community’s claims of Russian “election hacking” have been officially proven. 

They have not. At all. The report referenced in these insipid shill pieces is the Joint Analysis Report released yesterday by the FBI and the DHS, which contains no proof of anything whatsoever. It’s just their usual “this is true because we say so” schtick couched in technical jargon the average layman won’t be able to understand. They restate their assertion that two Russian government actors hacked into the communications of an American political party, give a few technical reasons for why they’re saying that, spend a great deal of time talking about what people can generally do to avoid cyberattacks, and provide zero proof to substantiate their claims beyond their say-so. If WikiLeaks had such low standards for their releases they’d be an irrelevant laughingstock. Saying “it's true because we say so” in a deluge of technical jargon is not the same as providing proof; it's just a fancy way of saying "it's true because we say so." Here, let me put that in a meme you can post whenever you see anyone sharing those idiotic articles:

But that isn’t what I want to talk about today. What I want to talk about is the fact that all these demands for proof of Russian hacking are a red herring. A wild goose chase to keep us focused on the lack of evidence instead of on what the leaks reveal. 

I mean, think about it. What “proof” would you accept from this group of known liars and manipulators? Personally I think Vladimir Putin himself could show up on my doorstep and say he did it while Russian dancing and reading War and Peace and I’d still be checking the street for surveillance vans. And they know this. The political establishment knows this. They could keep us playing the demand-for-proof game for months hoping general interest in the DNC scandal fades from memory, and we all forget that Obama’s cabinet was selected by a Citibank executive in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, and the fact that his party just tried to run a candidate with financial ties to ISIS who accepts bribes from Morocco and Qatar

This is backwards, this kind of thinking. This is shirt-on-legs, pants-on-head, the-Stones-are-better-than-the-Beatles backwards. The U.S. government should not be shaking the earth with rage because its citizens learned the truth about it. Americans should not have a political establishment which considers a morsel of government transparency to be the worst thing that could possibly happen. This should never, ever be a thing.

Why are we demanding “proof” of something that’s completely irrelevant to what we actually care about? All the sincere truth lovers I know are far more upset about the breathtaking levels of government corruption that were revealed in the WikiLeaks drops than about some east European potato patch possibly having exposed the truth at a politically inconvenient time. So why are we even engaging in that debate? It’s stupid. The correct response to “Russia hacked the election!” isn’t “Oh yeah? Prove it!” The correct response is, “Our government actively sabotages any candidate who wants to help ordinary Americans put food on their table. That is infinitely more dangerous and outrageous.”

Another thing I need to draw your attention to is the way they are tightly marrying the word “hacking” with “election”. There has been a careful effort to put those two ideas together so the Average Joe is hearing the phrase “Russia hacked the election” over and over and over. Which to someone who’s not really listening sounds like Russia came in and hacked voting machines. 

That’s not an oopsie. That’s deliberate. It’s a powerful psy-ops trick where you marry two things so often in the same breath that they become associated in the listener’s mind. Another example was when the government married the terms “9/11” to “Saddam Hussein.” You will never find any evidence of any news outlet directly asserting that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11, but by 2003, 70 percent of Americans believed that that was true

They are employing the same tactic here. You can bet that for most Americans by now, the idea that Russia hacked voting machines is taking hold. All across the country, Mom and Pop are talking about them damn Russians and how they hacked the election, probably imagining some nefarious figure in a Russian greatcoat and one of those furry hat thingies, typing furiously away at a DOS screen, green numbers flying everywhere, hacking into the election machine mainframe and switching all those votes over to that Putin-lover Donald Trump, while taking great swigs of vodka as KGB radio plays communist-approved hits on a state-made transistor radio in a cold gray room decorated only by a small picture of Lenin lying dead in his coffin, the air warmed only by the smell of regret and cold boiled potatoes. 

Or maybe that’s just me, I don’t know. The point is, the gaslighting is in earnest, and you can be sure they love having us arguing over the validity of their “proof” instead of paying attention to who they really are and what they’ve really been up to. These people didn’t repeal the 1948 law against conducting psy-ops on U.S. citizens because they thought it would be a fun way to spend a Thursday, they did it because they wanted to conduct psy-ops on U.S. citizens. And they have been doing so with great rigor and enthusiasm. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and not get sidetracked by their ridiculous head games.




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