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CIA-Funded Fake News Rag Washington Post Has Officially Lost Its Mind

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WaPo is revealing just how afraid its bosses are of losing control of the official narrative.

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I’ve nursed an intense hatred for the Washington Post ever since it ran sixteen smear pieces against Bernie Sanders in the span of sixteen hours at the hottest point in the presidential primary race, but I’ve been paying even more attention to them since I learned of that state propaganda rag’s known financial ties to the CIA

In 2013, WaPo drew sharp criticism from alternative media outlets for not disclosing the fact that its new owner, Bilderberger and world’s fifth wealthiest individual Jeff Bezos, had secured a $600 million contract with the Central Intelligence Agency prior to the purchase. Disclosures of potential conflicts of interest are considered standard practice in journalism when an outlet reports on some area it may have a vested interest in; the Observer discloses at the end of every article involving Donald Trump that its owner Jared Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law, for example. To this day WaPo neglects to mention its own conflict of interest when authoring articles about U.S. intelligence agencies. 

Yes it's a real quote.

I’m so interested in this because Bezos made his media purchase (which cost him less than half of what the CIA paid him) shortly after the U.S. government repealed a 1948 law which had made it illegal to conduct psychological operations (psy-ops) on the American public. The CIA is easily the world’s leader and innovator when it comes to psy-ops, which it has used to great effect in staging coups, toppling foreign governments, and manipulating public discourse the world over, and it just so happened to award a lucrative government contract to a politically active aspiring media mogul in the same year he purchased a major U.S. media outlet, which just so happened to be the same year it became legal for them to conduct psy-ops on U.S. citizens. Prior to the purchase Bezos had already made it known where his political loyalties lie when the web services division of Bezos-owned Amazon made the extremely controversial decision to pull the plug on WikiLeaks’ website, so he was already making it clear that he was a friend of the political establishment the CIA is responsible for propping up. This would not be the first time the CIA has actively inserted itself into American news media outlets, including the Washington Post.

So now whenever I see a major WaPo article going viral, I think to myself “Oh cool! Let’s see what the CIA wants us to believe today!” I just see it as a window of insight into what the political establishment and their cronies are up to behind the scenes. And from what I can tell by reading this latest article of theirs, what they are up to is losing their minds over the fact that the legacy media no longer controls the public narrative in America anymore.

In an absolute mess of an article, bizarrely titled “Schooled on Benghazi and Pizzagate, Trump team is heavy on conspiracy theorists” despite the fact that none of the Trump team they discuss ever said anything about Pizzagate and the fact that Benghazi is not a conspiracy theory, WaPo throws everything but the kitchen sink at their poor readers in a desperate attempt to keep them from believing anything the next administration might tell them about their country. In some two thousand tossed-salad words, the author of this meandering, rambling psychological operation seems to be attempting to communicate that some members of Trump’s team espouse what she disparagingly labels "controversial beliefs" that are outside of the mainstream narrative, from “paranoia” about the Federal Reserve to belief that Seth Rich was assassinated. If the author had some other point that she was trying to make, I don’t know.

I think it’s worth pointing out at this point that word salading is a well-documented textbook tactic often employed by sociopaths and narcissists in order to take people out of their comfort zones and exert control over a conversation. It’s so commonly used by narcissists that it’s simply referred to as “narc speak” in some circles. This is my personal theory as to how the mainstream media was able to dupe seventy percent of Americans into believing that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the September 11th attacks without ever explicitly saying so, just to point out one way this tactic can be used on a mass scale. They’d babble about Saddam, mix some 9/11 references into the word salad, and before you know it seven in ten Americans are reporting in a USA Today poll that they believe Saddam was responsible for the attacks, a full six months after the 2003 Iraq invasion.

The article’s author goes on to spend five full paragraphs babbling about Pizzagate, without ever mentioning a single Trump team member who’s expressed any interest in that conspiracy theory. She then mentions Michael Flynn’s reference to a different conspiracy theory about a Clinton Foundation-run sex ring, while including a disclaimer explicitly saying that Flynn’s comment was not about Pizzagate, and yet carries on as though she didn’t just deliberately deceive and manipulate her readers with that confusing word jumble.

Looking at the ridiculously disproportionate amount of coverage they give that one particular conspiracy theory, you might think that WaPo is fighting an obsessive war against Pizzagate theorists, but as we’ve discussed before, that isn’t really what they’re doing. By bringing up Pizzagate every single time they discuss any idea outside the mainstream narrative in public discourse, they’re manipulating readers into unconsciously making that association, in the same exact way the legacy media tricked viewers into unconsciously associating the 9/11 attacks with Saddam Hussein. If they can marry the ideas of “fake news” and “Pizzagate conspiracy theory” with other ideas outside of the mainstream narrative, like the idea that DNC staffer Seth Rich was assassinated for leaking DNC documents or that auditing the Federal Reserve is a common sense thing that nobody should be opposed to, then any idea that isn’t placed in your head by the Washington Post and other licensed state propaganda mills will be dismissed as fake and absurd.

What these desperate flailings tell me is that the CIA and their oligarch bosses are terrified of losing control of the narrative, and they’re doing everything they can to poison the public against any new ideas that will come in to public consciousness once this new administration takes the wheel. They’re deathly afraid of what Trump will start saying once he has access to both the presidential bully pulpit and highly classified information, so they’re trying to make sure nobody will believe anything he or his cohorts might say. 

They’re sure going to have a hard time convincing everyone that the President of the United States is spouting “conspiracy theories,” though. Once you’re at the top of the political ladder, conspiracy theories are made about you, and you’re the one with the inside scoop on what’s really happening.

Political power is held in place by narratives; the only reason anyone has any power is because everyone else agrees to pretend that that’s where the power is. Government, money, and in fact all of human culture are made up of conceptual constructs invented by humans to serve humans. Whoever controls those conceptual constructs controls the world, so it makes sense that the powers that be are so desperate to maintain control of the narrative. Without that, they’ve got nothing.




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